16 thoughts on “The Movie Blog Uncut: April 21st 2008

  1. Be ready to be JEALOUS. I just got an email from my film committee prez, telling me that he just scored passes to go see IRON MAN on April 29th!



  2. NBAKid, you should watch Reign Over Me, with Don Cheedle and Adam Sandler. It’s not really a comedy like Sandler’s other flicks. I normally hate Sandler too, but this movie really showed that he really can be a serious actor when he wants to be.

  3. @ Kristina

    I’ve been told by Sandler fans that The Wedding Singer is actually different than his other comedies and that’s why I gave it a little bit of leniency. Apparently they’re wrong?

  4. Caspain has Jesus on his side. Neer underestimate that guy. A dude that can resurrect after three days can surely open a movie #1.

    Hancock will open huge, but will drop off hard if the movie sucks as hard as test screening reviews are saying it does.

  5. It seems like a fair bet to say ‘Meet Dave’ (which i’d forgotten about till Kristina reminded me) will be the big flop but i’ve learned never to under estimate the American audience and their penchant for seeing crap.

    I’m putting my money on ‘Hancock’ being the big belly flop of the summer. I think it will have a big opening weekend but will drop off after that very quickly. I just don’t know about ‘Speed Racer’ anymore. Also, and correct me if i’m wrong but it seems like ‘Prince Caspian’, nice though it looks, isn’t being promoted hard enough and that might underperform as well.

    Don’t worry about not answering all the questions John. That’s why you have a live show. Thanks for this though; missed it.

  6. @NBAkid

    I’m not the biggest Sandler fan, either. If you hate the guy that much, watching The Wedding Singer isn’t going to help. It’s his most tolerable comedy, but he’s doing the same shit in that movie that he does in all his other ones.

  7. About the Adam Sandler thing: I noticed that especially in 50 First Dates. The most unbelivable thing about that movie wasn’t Drew’s head disease, it was the fact that Adam friggin Sandler would get all of that pussy from hot tourists. If I’m going to Hawaii, I’m not going to spend my vacation in the sack with that guy. Nuh uh. If there was ever a role tailor-made for The Rock, that role was it, but for some reason, Sandler likes to pretend that he’s hot shit. Maybe it’s his way of purging all those years of being rejected by chicks in high school.

  8. I wouldn’t know about the Adam Sandler “tough guy” question because I HATE Adam Sandler.

    I saw Billy Madison FINALLY after years of hearing it quoted and pretty much hated it . I’ve seen part of the Waterboy and hated it after years of hearing it quoted. I’ve never seen any substantial part of that golfing movie he was in…and don’t care to. Never seen Big Daddy and I have no interest in it either.

    I hate Adam Sandler more than you hate Chris Tucker. Some people would say, “oh but you haven’t seen him in his DRAMATIC roles! He’s really good in them!” Maybe so. But he has no chance to redeem himself in my eyes.

    Everyone says, “go watch The Wedding Singer!” I might. Just because I like the soundtrack (and the song he sings on it). Sure, the guy does SOME things right (SOMEtimes) but not enough for redemption. I MAY see “Reign” sometime but I doubt it. I will NEVER actually sit down and watch Click unless I’m forced to or something along those lines.

    I also don’t like the fact that he shoves the fact that he’s Jewish down everyone’s throats. Fuck you. My best friends think the man is a GOD. Probably has something to do with them liking “Epic Movie” and them being Jewish themselves.

    If Adam Sandler died of a heart attack or something RIGHT NOW, I wouldn’t care. I hate the dude that much (though I tolerated his acting job in “Undeclared”).

  9. I agree with you kristina about get smart. i think carrell blew all his good will with evan almighty. his show may still be popular but as a movie star he could not have picked a worse follow up to 40 year old virgin than that piece of junk.

  10. Thanks for answering my question!

    I haven’t seen any promo for Sex and the City, and that thing is coming fast(pun totally intended). I really think that Eddie Murphy movie Meet Dave is going to be the worst of the summer. As far as financially underperforming, I get the feeling that Get Smart will underperform. I also sadly must admit that I hear no buzz with regular folks for Hellboy 2. I can’t wait for it, but the first movie wasn’t a huge hit.

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