Gillian Anderson Maxim Shoot

In advance of the X-Files sequel, Gillian Anderson has decided to share some delicious with the readers of Maxim. We have a few shots from the shoot thanks to our friends at moviesonline:




This is a lot of fabric for a Maxim shoot. The lack of skin doesn’t take away from the quality of the pictures however. I like the shots, they are very good and Gillian wears that dress like a champ. She is very attractive, but has her own distinct look that certainly makes her stand out amongst the other Hollywood hotties. She has had a legion of fan boys swooning since the X- Files began and these pictures will no doubt get abused in ways unimaginable in dark rooms across our glorious globe.

International friends – what do you think of the shoot?

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25 thoughts on “Gillian Anderson Maxim Shoot

  1. yea i have a huge crush on her too….
    my girlfriend of 3+ years kinda looks like her
    (that’s why I asked her out in the first place) *guilty look*

  2. I’m a french reader and a Gillian fan and I think she’s hot and ready for Californication ^^

    She’s “hot-potatoe” or “hot-sausage” like we say in French :)

    Flo from FilmGeek

  3. Gillian is still hot as hell and for all I care they could put her in her normal X-files outfit for this shoot and I’d be turned on faster than you can say “Mulder says what!?”.

  4. Uh, for a Maxim shoot, this is extrememly tame. You could find pics like this in any mag. I say huzzah for her for being able to get into a mag like Maxim and keep her clothes on at the same time.

  5. Why do you say “resort” to sexy shoots? What makes you think she is “resorting” to anything? Maybe she feels sexy and likes pictures that make her look sexy, especially when promoting herself and her career. She has done many other films, decent films, without doing “sexy” shoots, but if she looks good, and I’ll be damned if she doesn’t but that is my Scully fetish talking at the same time, then why not?

    Would it be more appropriate she join a debate team to promote the film? Perhaps a hot dog eating contest? Maybe publicly support Clinton or Obama and follow them around with an Xfiles tshirt in the background?

    That being said “Maxim” is not National Geographic (which may actually show more boobs, for what its worth) but it can occasionally be amusing.

  6. cool first comment, umm yeah she is attractive in her own way, I always had a crush on her back in the xfiles tv days, now i think its starting to resurface

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