Obi-Wan Kenobi is a Clone

I have mentioned in the last couple of days that I have made some predictions that have come true in movies. But I also have had a LOT of predictions that though I thought would have been awesome, turned out to not happen at all.

I thought today I would like to share one of my more interesting theories that I mentioned in passing in yesterday’s article.

Obi Wan Kenobi would die in the prequels and the Ben Kenobi of the classic trilogy would be revealed to be a clone.

This theory was born in my simple mind from one brief moment in the Episode 2 theatrical trailer where we see Anakin lashing out in anger beheading a shadowed figure. I speculated that this would be Obi-Wan.

Stay with me here a moment. Imagine this is how it plays out, and tell me this wouldn’t have made the prequels more interesting.

In a conflict between the ever more frustrated Anakin Skywalker and his master ObiWan Kenobi, he lashes out and assassinates him. This begins the more rapid spiral of Anakin’s consumption of the Dark Side.

Now, imagine the chaos this breeds in the fanbase. Kenobi can’t die… he was in the following movies!! This creates a buzz and momentum that makes the third (sixth) chapter even that much more impressive.

This also lends to my hopes that we would actually see a Darth Vader in action in the third movie.

So here is the resolution.

In the Third Movie, the Jedi are nearly wiped out by Vader and his new clone army, and some of the remaining Jedi masters in hiding devise a plan to clone some of the Jedi to bolster their numbers. Among them, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Anakin is surprised by the presence of his fallen master and in an epic battle with the Masters and their clone allies take on Vader. Vader limps away, only Yoda and ObiWan’s clone remain.

Now flash forward 18 years to Luke (cleverly hiding in plain sight) Skywalker is whining on his moisture farm. ObiWan’s clone has been living as a hermit watching Anakin’s offspring grow. Struggling with his own identity and faced with a lot of time to think, he assumes the name of Ben Kenobi.

Here’s the clencher.

When Luke meets him, he says “The droid says he belongs to an Obi-Wan Kenobi, do you know him?” and Ben gets a little lost in thought. Imagine the process tumbling through his mind.

No one alive knows I am a clone
I may or may not have these implanted memories from the original Obi-Wan and I dont recall owning a droid.
I know the whole story of what happened with Vader and the truth about Luke’s lineage.

“Obi-Wan Kenobi. That’s a name I have not heard in a long time”

And the deciding moment.

“He’s Me!”

And the rest is history. It fits, and I think it would have been an awesome twist for both the plot of the movie and the outlying benefits it would give the movie as a franchise. Considering everyone knew how the prequel was going to play out in the long run and the backstory was already put in place, no impending worry or suspense was ever felt in a situation where Obi-Wan or Yoda were in danger. This would have rocked.

But it didn’t happen.

Would you have liked this better?

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62 thoughts on “Obi-Wan Kenobi is a Clone

  1. Honestly, I think this would have been better. The idea looks better on paper too. Sure, Jango-Fett would be a great person to clone if you wanted soldiers, but why only make 10 million of them on a battlefield? A Jedi Clone would easily equal a 100, if not a 1000 clone trooper in combat.
    On the dark side (heh), if this went through, the old Clone Wars cartoon would have never happened. And that was my childhood.

  2. Well it could have happened because they did clone one Jedi Master C’Boath (sorry if the spelling is wrong). He in turn went a little crazy but that was because they haven’t perfected the cloning process like the Kaminoians did. and correct me if i’m wrong according to Star Wars Battlefront 2, The Empire goes back to destroy what they have so they don’t make another clone army. Luke Skywalker was also cloned from his hand that got cut off in Empire. Mara Jade Skywalker later killed him has was her predicted destiny by Sidious. I believe he was also cloned at one point or another.

  3. You kind of missed out something with this. This is a theory from the OT time. In ANH Luke is suprised that the old man talked of being in ‘the Clone Wars’. The droids are people with names: C3PO and R2D2. The old man has two names. Ben Kenobi, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. OB-1!!!!!!!!! Is it a number/code name, almost like a droid, like he was MADE???
    The theory is that Ben Kenobi was the original, and OB1 a clone. So that was scuppered in the trailer to the Phantom Dissappointment when Liam Neeson tells TurboBoy to meet ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ — so younger Ewan McGregor has that name, so…it seems ‘Ben’ was adopted by the old man, and was not the original name which the clone took on.

    In ANH Leia, etc, know ‘Obi-Wan’ but he calls himself Ben — the original name. There is even a theory that Uncle Owen is also a clone. O-N!!!!
    The people there to care/watch over Luke are all clones. It’s a good theory I think, and could be true–in the Original Trilogy.

    Personally I don’t consider the Prequel Trilogy canon. ‘Cos it’s shit.

      1. Thanks Rodney. I make a serious contribution to the debate on your theory, and the best you can do is tell me to get over the PT. The Chritmas Special must be canon too then, You get over that. Did you like my clones info?

      2. The Holiday Special is Canon, and I dont have to get over it.

        There is nothing in the holiday special that “ruins” Star Wars, just like the prequels don’t ruin the original trilogy.

        Yes, the holiday special sucks ass, but just because it was poorly delivered, plotted and terribly acted.

        You canceled out your own “contribution” when the OB-1 theory was disproven long before the prequels. Luke is the only one to call him Ben. Yoda calls him ObiWan in Jedi.

      3. Rodney, this is actually Luke again, THAT Luke. I come back every three years too, and this time dressed in black like ROTJ.

        I know Joda calls him Obi-Wan, because he knows he’s a clone. If he is a clone, all the people from the old clone wars time who knew him would know he’s a clone, but if he uses the name Ben… then that is the name he uses with Luke.

        I said this in my original post. If you can’t follow an argument–what can I do? (Explain it again I guess–!)

        You were quick to contradict and dimiss, unfortunately slow to understand. And quick to get 100% incorrect. You don’t work for the treassury department, do you????!!!!!

        This aside–I hope you’re well and happy, three years on!!!

  4. Mares, if you were reading above you would have noticed that there is a long history in the authorized canon expanded universe of Clones with force powers.

    The main dark Jedi in Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy of books was a clone with his powers intact, and there is even a later storyline of the Emperor himself returning in a younger cloned body – with force powers.

    Just sayin.

  5. I don’t think he could be cloned. I mean, even i the memories were copied, his ability with the force wouldn’t have. Now, i he was cloned to develope faster (like the clones from Jango Fett) still, he wouldn’t be so old.

    Great imagination, though.
    By the way, I totally agree with the first post. It would have been really cool to watch Anakin on his trials, and the multiple times that he saves Obi-Wan (as mentioned on episode 3).

  6. George Lucas also had origin stories that had the Wookies as the main threat in the galaxy and there was no luke or leia… Han and Luke were one in the same.

    There were lots of “proposed” ideas Lucas had in his original 28 chapter long story. I am sure some of those could have potentially rolled over into the final 6 chapter product.

  7. “I think that I first heard this theory about ten years ago. The person who told it to me speculated that the name Obi-wan could be from his clone’s serial number: OB-1.”

    ding ding… we have a winner. your friend is simply recalling something from the deep recesses of memory or something. George Lucas gave backstories for the characters in ’77 or ’78 in which Ben Kenobi’s clone was named OB-1 (which is the character from the series. Also, Ben Kenobi was much older than OB-1 would have appeared in the movie. Wasn’t he a contemporary of Yoda?

  8. “Excellent point Nick. I forgot about the accelerated life span. Let’s check the math.

    In Ep1, Obi-Wan is 25
    Ep2, 10yrs later, Obi-Wan is 35
    Ep3, 3 yrs later, Obi-Wan is 38
    Ep4, 19yrs later, Obi-Wan is 57

    Clones are accelerated in their lifespan to age nearly double the rate on normal. At nearly double, a clone of Obi-Wan would be about 29yrs old in Ep4. 29-19 would make him 10 at Ep3. So if the time line of Ep2 were moved back to take place 10yrs prior to Ep3, then this theory might actually work out.”

    Calvin and Nick, unless you forget Jango Fett had a certain clone made for himself, better known as Boba Fett, who was unaltered and grew at a normal rate so he could raise him as his own child.

  9. I think a better idea would have been this.

    Anakin beheads the clone obi-wan and the emperor then initiates the plan to kill off the whole Jedi. Anakin tells Palpatine he killed Obi-wan, while the real obi-wan goes into hiding.

    Either that, or we have a 40 minute sequence in which Hayden Christensen is tortured. “Ouououugh! Behold my facial expressions, I am now in pain!”

    Oh, then just for fun someone chops his legs off. I think that sounds better.

  10. My personal belief is clone away. I have no moral problem with it. But I would have had a huge problem with the terrible prequels impacting on a beloved character from, the originals in such a huge huge way. They were not good enough to earn the right to make such a major game changing play like that. I know this might sound a little over the top but i think something like that may have made me hate all of star wars.It would have sickened me. Maybe if the prequels had been amazing it might have been easier to swallow but if I had to sit through that rubbish and then had my face slapped with a major piece of revision like that I would have been furious.

  11. The Clone army wasn’t established as a man who gave his life to save his friends for last 20+years. And everyone going into the movie knew that the Clone army was destined to evolve into the Stormtroopers, so they weren’t being recognized as good guys, but tools at best.

    And the second argument, “people who have issues distinguishing between real life and fiction really shouldnt be watching Star Wars” is quite true, however, George Lucas and everyone involved in the prequels were doing this to make money, so suggesting that people don’t belong watching the movies isn’t really an argument that flies.

    I’m only suggesting that you can certainly ignore these kind of people when you are considering if the clone Obi-Wan plot fits in canonically, but, unfortunately, i believe if you want to consider your story ideas as having actually stood a chance at being used in the movies, the reality is that their opinion equals dollar signs to those that make the decisions.

  12. Using the “people are morally against cloning” angle doesn’t really come into play here.

    Firstly, the entire clone army were on the same side as the Jedi – “the good guys” No issues with making 99% of the supporting cast out of clones. If they had a problem with ObiWan being cloned, they would have an issue with the whole concept of the clone wars to begin with.

    Secondly, people who have issues distinguishing between real life and fiction really shouldnt be watching Star Wars.

    I always consider the over analytical realist when presenting an idea. Then I discard their opinion because we are dealing with fiction here. NOTHING an over analytical realist says will be constructive argument purely because it is simply their nature to find fault in fiction anyways.

    They are a self fulfilling prophecy and their stand will come and go faster than they can present it.

  13. Frankenwolf, I wrote this post, not John.
    And the plumber gave us JarJar, so my theory isn’t so bad now is it?

    Rodney, I think we forgot one somewhat important part of the “Clone of Obi-Wan” idea. Fact is, there are actually a large number of people out there that are morally against the idea of cloning. That feeling would translate to their perception of the movie. Cloning a bunch of bad guys is fine in this context, because the bad guys are already disliked. But if we turn an age old hero and good guy like Obi-Wan into a clone, it will leave a bitter taste with those who oppose cloning. It’s actually a somewhat controversial topic with a lot of people because they feel the process is akin to humans playing God. While we, (you and I), have no objection to it’s use in a fictional setting, there are too many people out there that have trouble distinguishing between fiction life and real life. I didn’t about all think of this until this morning, but I think it’s another facet to consider in why the Obi-Wan clone storyline might not have worked. Again, I very much like the idea and would have preferred it over what we got instead, so I’m not just trying to discredit the idea. I just always try tyo consider all points of views.

  14. I’d agree with the people that said the biggest changes have to be made on the first film. It was such a standalone movie that didn’t work on any level – the ‘main’ character of anakin was a bit part.

    The biggest mistake Lucas made was in showing only a tiny section of the clone wars and fluffing the reasons why it happened. If the first film had been about Obi wan and Qui Gon finding Anakin whilst the clone wars started to happen, this would have worked quite well, you could even have the darth maul fight in there. At the end of the first movie darth maul kills Quigon and the clone wars begin. Then the second movie is all clone wars, much like episode V. Over the course of the second film anakin sees atrocities by both sides and while obi wan is older and attributes it to just war, anakin begins to agree with palpatines reasoning about being harsh to end the opposition.

    I’d still have left out any part of anakin being so young, it was annoying and undermined his relationship with padme. You’d also have the nice bonus that obi wan wouldn’t be much older than anakin, leaving a nice buddy relationship that could be soured as the film goes on. If obi wan and anakin were both relatively new at the jedi game, there’d be much more competition and tension between them.

    Having the jedi unable to have relationships messed up a lot too, it just wasn’t a credible reasoning in my mind, surely they’d want to have kids so that the force powers would continue? Far more interesting if jedi can have relationships but that obi wan and anakin were in competition for padme (even if obi wan didn’t see it that way and anakin was jumping to conclusions). That kind of love triangle would really have provided solid emotional angst to fuel anakin’s transformation, given him some hatred, unlike the flimsy emotions in the real prequels.

  15. Absolutely. Much better. I had my own ideas about how to make the third movie, before it came out, but that one as a broad-strokes change creams mine.

    I’d have loved to see those movies!

    Now imagine if fans went ahead and re-wrote and re-made, from scratch, a ‘replacement’ prequel trilogy?

  16. The one thing I loved about the original trilogy was the end of Empire we have the “I am your father” cliffhanger. Had Obi-Wan been killed at the end of episode two that would have had the same “I can’t wait for the next movie” effect. Personally I think it would have worked really well.

    Also if you remove Jar-Jar, Jake Loyd, the whole “child” storyline, kept Darth Maul in a bit longer, introduce Grevious earlier, and start episode 1 just at the beginning of the clone wars – ya that would have been much cooler…

  17. I may have hated the prequels but that hate would have been nothing compared to how much I would have hated the entire star wars universe if Obi Wan had turned out to be a clone. I agree that a few more twists would have been nice as we all knew where the prequels had to wind up but that would have been terrible.

  18. Er… No. sorry.

    What I would have liked is …

    Episode 1 condensed to less than half a film with a highlander style (I think) – growing up while swordfighting sequence to show Annie’s development into Anakin. There would also be some “ten years later” style captions so that people understood the passage of time.

    Episode 2 would start in the MIDDLE of the clone wars, not at the end and would flesh out a few battles and things – and most importantly Anakin getting his “knighthood”. The Padme relationship would be fleshed out better with more “frights” showing just how terrified Anakin was about losing Padme. Also, Natalie Portman would look older.

    I’d like to have had Obi-Wan find out about Anakin and Padme earlier and have him struggle with turning Anakin in to Mace. EP2 would end after rescuing Palpatine with Obi-Wan going off to find Grevious. There would be a bit more Qui-Gon/Yoda/Anakin interaction – rather than just a single voice-over – perhaps Qui-Gon’s ghost could slowly get stronger?

    Episode 3 would progress as normal but wouldn’t stop at the duel. There would be Obi-Wan and Yoda Settling down. There would more Qui-Gon stuff – particularly a reuniting of Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. There would also be the formation of the Rebellion, Darth Vader’s hunting down of other Jedi, Tarkin and the Death Star – done more slowly and in keeping with the time-period. Also I’d like to have seen the ships and clones shifting more towards the end of the show towards the classic shapes.

  19. “the prequels really needed some twists since we all knew where it was going to end. makes you wonder what lucas was doing all those years between pt 4 and pt 1.”

    Cashing royalty checks. With a property like Star Wars, that kept him very busy.

  20. the prequels really needed some twists since we all knew where it was going to end. makes you wonder what lucas was doing all those years between pt 4 and pt 1.

    i thought revealing the little kid to be anakin in tpm was a mistake. it made it impossible to care about the character.

  21. “Imagine if Yoda had to keep seeing like 50 Obi-Wan clones floating around all the time”

    That might explain why he is a little loopy.

    Also consider that I came up with this theory while waiting for the release of Episode 2. Many people use information gathered from SEEING episode 2 and 3 against my theory.

    It was just a theory, and i had hoped something radical had happened during the prequel to make it “interesting” instead of just playing out the story we already peiced together from backstory anyways.

  22. Some of the plot points may have escaped my mind but i absolutely love this idea Rodney and i proclaim you a genius for it. I really think it does fit. It would have been one of those things that made the fans freak out at the time, but they would have grown to love it i’m sure.

    The only plot contradiction that bothered me in the prequels really was Leia telling Luke about her memories of Padme being beautiful but sad, when she’d barely been pulled out the womb before her mom died.

  23. While Jedi can be cloned, Jorus C’both was mentally unstable and Palpatine had to keep brewing clones because they never lasted long due to the darkside rapidly deteriorating the bodies. That is why in the comic Dark Empire the cloned Palpatine had Leia, who was pregnant with Anakin, kidnapped so that he could take over the baby’s soul/body. Creepy storyline…Leia could have given birth to a new Emperor Palapatine…ew. LoL

    So if the storyline went the way of cloning would Obi-Wan have lasted because he was a light jedi and the force could sustain him? And who would have cloned Obi-Wan? I doubt the Jedi Council would have gone that route as they would have accepted Obi-Wan’s death as an unfortunate loss.

    I do like the way your mind thinks, Rodney. It’s an interesting thought. Personally I’m with Crackjacker. I would have liked to have seen less Anakin as a kid, more teenage years and then full blown Darth Vader for the 3rd. Oh well. Daydreaming is fun even if it’s all been said and done.

  24. Cool theory! Its stuff like this that make Star Wars so enduring.

    Off topic though – where is this God awful music coming from that pumps through my speakers every time I come onto the movie blog. No more secret surfing at work! Please get rid of what ever advert is doing that!

  25. Damn fine point there too for Haole. Vader’s claim that the “circle is complete” actually loses meaning if he’s already killed Obi-Wan once. And then Obi-Wan’s clone would be the guy haunting Luke? How many clones get to haunt other Jedi? Imagine if Yoda had to keep seeing like 50 Obi-Wan clones floating around all the time.

  26. no, I don’t like it, but yes, seeing Vader in action would have been sweet.
    But when they met on the deathstar (Obi and Vader) if Obi-Wan was a clone, the circle would not have been complete, and as a geek and a christian, I could not use the illistration of Obi-Wan sacrificing his life as a parallel for jedis being the ultimate christians if Obi-Wan was a clone. It just doesn’t work.

  27. I didn’t realize that about the book. Excellent point Nbartusi. I do still contend that while I think you can come up with a strategic explanation as to why cloning Fett was better than Maul, I also think it would be too high level strategy for the average movie patron to grasp and buy into.

    The people who read the Star Wars books are more capable of understanding the reasoning and motivation that direct the strategy of getting a thousand Boba Fetts instead of a thousand Darth Mauls, but the average Joe Shmo is more apt to believe it’s a foolish oversite. Out of the context of the political conflicts involved, a thousand Jedi always seems better than a thousand bounty hunters. You could go on to explain to Joe that using the Fett gives better political positioning for extenuating circumstances, but Joe doesn’t see any situation where throwing a few Jedi at it can’t fix it.

    But that’s just my position. Personally, I think I would have liked this clone angle.

  28. Hey Nbartusi

    You said:

    “According to the books Jedi can be cloned. Master Jorus C’baoth was cloned by Palpatine into a dark Jedi. Palpatine and Luke were also cloned.”

    Excellent excellent point!

  29. I think that I first heard this theory about ten years ago. The person who told it to me speculated that the name Obi-wan could be from his clone’s serial number: OB-1.

  30. @ Calviin

    You don’t need to do that fight with the “high ground” line. Really, I’m not sure what was going on there either. I just like the setting for the fight, but I will concede that it didn’t end as well as the Darth Maul fight did.

  31. Hersch,

    While we’re fixing things, could we possibly do away with the volcano scene? “I win cause I’ve got the high ground” Really? REALLY?? I hated that so much. It hurt an already mediocre movie. Every motivation and explanation was so unnatural and far fetched throughout the entire third movie that I think the only reason John likes the third is because he couldn’t stand hating Star Wars any more and needed to believe there was something good. No offense to meant to you John, because I know you’re a great guy, I just believe the third prequel is wretched. I like the first better than the third. Jar-jar didn’t bother me, I liked the pod race and I loved the Darth Maul fight.

  32. Great theory, I love the way it fits in with ep 4 dialogue.

    Would have thrown a twist in the predicted lifespan of Obi-wan.

    It’s fun to think about what could have been.

  33. I would have been extremely unhappy with something like this because there was enough going on in the movies that I wouldn’t want another plot added that just takes away from the story. Obi-Wan’s death would have been unnecessary and would have required time taken to explain how the Jedi obtained cloning technology of their own, and how they defended it long enough to harvest one Obi-Wan clone. If the character died at the end of the second film it would have just turned off more fans than it turned on.

    I do really like Crackerjack’s idea of starting episode 1 with an older Anakin though. If he spent the first film falling for the princess and ended it being chastised by Obi-wan or Qui-Gon, there would have been room for him to resent Obi-wan for becoming his master and start turning to the dark side at the beginning of the second film. End the second movie with the Volcano fight and he gets to spend the entire third movie hunting jedi and sounding like James Earl Jones.

    Extra plot points give movies more to stumble over.

  34. Excellent point Nick. I forgot about the accelerated life span. Let’s check the math.

    In Ep1, Obi-Wan is 25
    Ep2, 10yrs later, Obi-Wan is 35
    Ep3, 3 yrs later, Obi-Wan is 38
    Ep4, 19yrs later, Obi-Wan is 57

    Clones are accelerated in their lifespan to age nearly double the rate on normal. At nearly double, a clone of Obi-Wan would be about 29yrs old in Ep4. 29-19 would make him 10 at Ep3. So if the time line of Ep2 were moved back to take place 10yrs prior to Ep3, then this theory might actually work out.

  35. RE: Clones getting Force Power,

    Remember folks… all living beings have the force. “It surronds us, it penetrates us, it binds the universe together”.

    “Life creates it, makes it grow”.

    People who uses the force are reffered to as “Force SENSITIVE”. They can feel the force. It’s not a question of if they “have it” or not.

    Personally Rod, I LOVE the theory and wish to the heavens that’s how it played out!

  36. I disagreed with your change based just on the header of the post because I don’t think cloning Jedi’s clone’s their power too.

    As I read the post, you did manage to convince me that it would actually have been an awesome plot point to use. MUCH better than what we got. However, I still don’t like the idea that clones get force power. In the same vein as what Mozzerino said, why wouldn’t Palpatine clone more Darth Mauls instead?

    I think you can come up with a strategic explanation as to why cloning Fett was better than Maul, but I think it would be too high level strategy for the average movie patron to grasp and buy into.

  37. This is not a very good prediction nor does your explanation make a whole lot of sense. Obi-Wan saying “He’s me!” is hardly a defining moment. Did you forget that Luke had just asked “You know him?” Obi-Wan replied with “But of course I know him. He’s me.” Hardly as exciting or defining as you incorrectly remembered it to be.

    Why hasn’t he heard the name in a long time? Because he went into hiding and *didn’t want* anyone to know him. He was hiding from the Empire. Everyone knew him as Ben Kenobi.

    I wouldn’t have liked it better as it would have added even more cheesiness to the sometimes-cheesy new trilogy.

    Good try, though.

  38. Interesting…considering I hated most of the prequels anyway I think any kind of story would have been interesting. I must admit I’m not the greatest fan of the original trilogy (please don’t curse me), however with that kind of unexpected twist it would have compelled me to watch them in a different light. Even though it may not have worked, I still like the way your mind turns Sir Rodney

  39. Can’t say I particularly like your “Ben is a clone” theory, Rodney. There is a giant hole in it, which is this: Can Jedis be cloned? Is the force still strong in the clone? And if that’s the case, why didn’t Palpatine just use a jedi to produce an army of force-skilled clones?

    There are countless ways to dream about the prequels and how they could have turned out better, in my opinion this is pretty pointless. It’s over. The films are done, this is what we got and they won’t be redone in some way.

  40. Sorry Rodney I agree with CRACKERJACK. The clone Obi seems more superfluous than a necessary plot point. In my opinion it does nothing to advance the story.

    But I do think, similar to what CRACKERJACK is saying that, Annakin should have been a teenager vs. a child. When I was entering my teenage years, I remember reading about Lucas talking about the prequels and mentioning how Annakin (no name given then) battling Obi wan over a volcano with Lava flowing all over the place! And I always imagined Obi wan finding this young teenage kid and turning him into a Jedi Knight soon to be Vader!

    But noooooo! We get a Brat who annoys the hell out of us with Jar Jar binks being one of the most hated characters ever to hit the screen! Granted Jar was aimed for really young kids, but the young kids I knew hated him too! Granted Return of the Sith was a close approximation to what Lucas described those many years ago, but overall the third follows the rest of the prequels as just a major disappointment…for me anyway. With lousy writing and lousy acting the quality of these prequels were bound to suffer.

    Yeah what could have been.

  41. Pretty cool theory – would have been interesting to see something of that magnitude in the prequels. My idea about them was to eliminate Episodes 1 and 2, and expand out 3 to be the trilogy. One movie Anakin and Obi-Wan kicking ass, one of Anakin starting to turn, and one of a newly minted Darth Vader kicking the shit out of everyone.

    BTW, on an older Movie Blog podcast, your riff about the final duel in Ep. 3 was one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. Obi-Wan having the “high ground” and therefore Anakin must be doomed was just spectacular.

  42. No, the Obi Wan cloning thing seems silly but I do agree that seeing Vader in action would have been great. Instead how about if Lucas had just chopped out half the crap about the anakin child and moved to his teen years sooner. Show Anakin going through trials, have a more serious tone. That would have been better. But no, no cloning needed.

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