Beaujolais Rights Snatched Up For Farrelly Brothers

The Farrelly Brothers-1We have word today that the Farrelly Brothers have been assigned to a redneck action-adventure film. We get word of this project thanks to the professionals at Variety:

Fox has preemptively bought Mike Arnold and Chris Poole’s spec “Beaujolais” for Bobby and Peter Farrelly to produce through their Conundrum banner as a potential directing vehicle. Project has been dubbed a redneck action-adventure with a protagonist along the lines of an Austin Powers or Ace Ventura.

The Farrelly Brothers have made some funny films and although I am not a huge fan of their work, my life is a better one for seeing Bill Murray in the role of Ernie McCracken. Kingpin had its flaws, but it remains my favorite film from this team of brothers. I can’t believe that the movie is already 12 years old. Holy crow.

A redneck action adventure with a nefarious hillbilly villain could make for some funny times. We will have to wait for further plot details, but I can certainly see the Farrelly Brothers using this sort of setting well.

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3 thoughts on “Beaujolais Rights Snatched Up For Farrelly Brothers

  1. Mmm…I don’t know. I like these guys past work, but the recent stuff has been lame. If this movie relies on stupid hillbilly jokes then I’m out. I don’t have a desire to watch a dumbed down comdey.

  2. I loved King pin, I loved Dumb and dumber and I absolutly loved something about Mary, I even liked so it isnt so. I still regard these guys as one of the greats but their form has been servely lacking of late. ( Shallow hal was awful)

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