Justin Long Gets Cast in ‘Drag Me to Hell’

Sam Raimi’s upcoming horror film, ‘Drag Me to Hell’ has just cast up and coming actor, Justin Long to play a supporting role.

gives us these details:

Raimi and his brother Ivan penned the screenplay, a morality tale about the unwitting recipient of a supernatural curse. Long will play the boyfriend of Lohman’s character.

I think this is a smart move for Justin Long. It will be good for him to be cast in a non comedy for once, or he might end up like once versatile actors,Vince Vaughn or John C. Reilly.

Justin Long first caught my eye from his performance as Darry in ‘Jeepers Creepers.’ A lot of my friends seem to forget that he was in that movie, and it sucks that they do, because that was actually one of his best performances ironically enough.

‘Drag Me to Hell’ begins filming on March 31st.

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