New ‘The Dark Knight’ Pics

New York Times recently had a set visit article in their paper about the highly anticipated film, ‘The Dark Knight.’

Here is a tiny excerpt from the paper as well as some great looking stills:

But it’s true: “The Dark Knight,” which will be released on July 18, is jammed with characters, plot and action. It picks up where “Batman Begins” left off, with Mr. Oldman’s police lieutenant, Jim Gordon, warning about the perils of escalation: that Batman’s extreme measures could invite a like response from the criminal element. And sure enough, a deadly new villain, the Joker, emerges to wreak havoc.

These look like some fine stills, but nothing really shock worthy. (If they had Two-Face pictures, then I would be surprised.)

However, the article is not spoiler friendly. (which is why I did not use more quotes from the piece.) Click HERE to read Christopher Nolan’s view on the film,his thoughts on Heath Ledger’s untimely death, and some spoiler plot details.

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