Shawn Wayans Discusses Munsters Movie

Munsters1Sean Wayans has opened up about his upcoming Munsters remake. We get the news from the man himself via the moviehole:

‘’”The Munsters” is going to be PG-13”, says Wayans, who hasn’t ‘acted’ – yes, he’s appeared in stuff, but he hasn’t ‘acted’ – since “Requiem of a Dream” some five years ago. “You know what happened with the rated R thing is that we were doing our rated R comedies and then they started clamping down on kids going into the theater. So kids would still be sneaking into our movie but would be paying to see something else. So none of the box office went to our movie, yet everyone still saw it. Business wise, it made it tough for us to continue doing them.”

This is crazy, I don’t know why on earth the Wayans brothers would want to remake The Munsters. I also am also bewildered why they are going into PG-13 territory. The kids that snuck into your R rated movie did so because they wanted to see a restricted film. I am not certain that targeting their age group with a PG-13 film is going to guarantee their business, in fact I think the opposite may be true.

I loved In Living Color and I’m goona Git You Sucka so I will never put down the abilities of the brothers Wayans. I will say that they have short changed themselves with almost everything they have done since. I am not a fan of (most) spoof movies and that may weigh heavily on my opinion, but I expect better, because I have seen better from them. We will see how this film plays out, we have discussed it on the site before and most people in the TMB community have not had great expectations.

Are you guys looking forward to this, and/or do you think the PG-13 rating is a suicidal move?

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11 thoughts on “Shawn Wayans Discusses Munsters Movie

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  2. My only wish is that Brad Garrett will be offered the role of Herman Munster, That will be the ultimate selling tool of this movie! If they don’t consider him, this movie is doomed to fail!Write Comment here. Before you do, review these rules:
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    2) Disagree and debate, but no insulting other commenters or the author
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  3. hey mr shawn wayns, i was only nine yrs old when i saw the munsters on television, ofcouse by then that was an old show considering i was born in
    1995 on march 15 and i thought eddie munster was the coolest considering he was my age when he was on tv at that time,please tell that the remake you and your brother are planning to do will have eddie munster (age 10) in it and let him have a little brother called hugo munster

  4. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)ya know what, i love the munsters, but something tells me that with the wayans boys doin it i aint gonna be too thrilled

  5. Well first of all Doug, it’s Marlon Wayans your thinking of, not Shawn. Shawn is the less goofy one of the two. And 2nd, it’s Requiem for a Dream, not “Requiem of a Dream”. Which happens to be one of my most fav movies. :)

    The whole idea of a Munsters movie is just silly to me. Speshaly now a days. If they were ever going to do it they should of done it back in the mid 90’s when they were spitting out TV show based movies like crazy. Now a days I don’t know if anyone is going to even care about it.

    And now the fact that the Wayans brothers are doing it is even worse. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love the guys. Don’t Be a Menace to South Central is still one of my fav old school comedies. And the first Scary movie I thought was pretty funny and even White Chicks had some good laughs. But a movie based on the Munsters just doesn’t seem like a good fit for them. It seem like they’re just running on empty these days I guess.

    They can’t come up with anything new or original anymore, so they bought the rights to a TV show no one wanted, but was cheap and is at least something for them to build a film on. It’ll be filled with lots of gross, lame, overly used bathroom jokes, lots of pointless cameos, racial and hip-hop jokes, and finally it wont have anything to do with the old TV show other then it’s about a family of monsters. Woopty damn do..

    About his comment on not doing R rated films anymore, they only did 2 of them, Scrary movie 1 & 2, and I thought Scary movie did pretty well in theaters. No one payed to see part 2 cuz it just plain sucked. I don’t usually see comedies in theaters anymore unless they are R rated ever since 40 Year Old Version. It raised the bar pretty high for me in terms of a great comedy.

    So ya, I think them limiting themselves to PG-13 only cuts they’re adult comedy potential in half and greatly hinders they’re creative range. If they could just start making good comedy again that people will want to watch they could still make good money on an R film.

  6. I always thought someone who is a mix of Rob Zombie and David Zucker would tackle a Munsters film; upon hearing the news I was stricken with quite the surprise.

    I’m not too fond of Shawn and Marlon these days. I do not mind a PG-13 rating or the Wayans brothers working on this, but damn. It’s rather, more about how their humor has dried up; they just come off as trying too hard. They were quite enjoyable in the beginning, with Don’t Be a Menace and Scary Movie, only to lead us into excruciatingly less hilarious atrocities like White Chicks and Little Man. Most people are just left asking, “Where’d the funny go?”

    I have a feeling Scary Movie 2 was a warning sign, a big fucking red flag, that these guys get old fast, and White Chicks showed us that outside of spoof land, they are not that talented, AT ALL!

    Keenen Ivory and Damon Wayans have always been the most talented of the family in my opinion; it would be cool to see everyone come together for this Munsters spoof and return that great style and delivery to the masses. I’m hoping that this is the reasoning behind lighting off into a project like this.

    It truly is the perfect setup, attempting to bring back the good ol’ days before Shawn and Marlon began making their own destructive waves in Hollywood. The kind of crap they could pull off racially, like back with In Living Color, would just be pure gold. One thing to be said here is that they are great with spoofs, but…not having an “R” rating suppresses that to a degree. Just show us the humor!

    But like a box a free donuts to a retarded fat kid, we keep getting pulled back into the theater. If we were intelligent beings we would avoid this at all costs knowing what we know, but seeing how we don’t know shit…this could play out wonderfully! So have another donut you fat fucks!

    With what they have put out lately, who really knows where this is going but the bros. themselves — of course — but they probably don’t even know. I love The Munsters, and do not care if they’re being served justice or not. As long as we laugh our asses off, it’s all good. Shawn and Marlon, (as if you’re reading this) please, please, PLEASE do not fuck this up!

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