Naomi Watts NOT cast in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Even the very reputable rumour mill of all things Harry Potter, have reported and recinded the rumour that Naomi Watts was cast in the next Harry Potter feature film the Half Blood Prince.

The Leaky Cauldron says:

Various media and websites have been claiming that actress Naomi Watts has been cast as Narcissa Malfoy in the upcoming film of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. TLC has confirmed these reports are FALSE

Having that rumour out there however has made me think that Watts could nicely pull off the role of the sinister Death Eater’s platinum blonde snobby wife Narcissa “Cissy” Malfoy. She even fits the Brits only stipulation put in place by JK Rowling.

Nacissa makes her first appearance alongside her husband Lucius at the Quidditch match, though this is not depicted in the movie, so no actress has yet to play her. In further books, starting with Half-Blood Prince, Narcissa becomes a more predominate character instead of just Malfoy arm-candy and would require an actress of deeper character to play her instead of just a pretty face with light blonde hair.

Who would you think would make a better choice for Cissy Malfoy?

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18 thoughts on “Naomi Watts NOT cast in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

  1. Even though I know she’d never do it, Nicole Kidman is looking creepy as hell lately with her Botoxed shiny face. She could pull it off. Michelle Pfieffer isn’t a Brit, but she creeps me the hell out, so she could do it.

  2. She’s British born? Huh, I didn’t know that… I’ve only seen her in American performances, so I was fooled.

    Well, I learned something today, thanks Rodney. I’ll take a moment to laugh at the situation whole-heartedly.

  3. Naomi would be make a wonderful Cissy and they might be rumors now, but sometimes rumors come true as we’ve seen often enough.

    I do like the idea of Kate Winslet mentioned above by Bishop. Kate playing Cissy and then you have Helena playing Bella her sister – what a good combo! Especialy if the use two particular scenes in The Half-Blood Price and Deathly Hallows movies.

    I’m not sure who else I would peg to play Narcissa…I was thinking about it the other day, but came up blank. It’s likely they may not cast an internationally known Brit. I’m interested to find out who finally gets the role.

  4. The thing is, I believe somewhere Rowling has a contract where all major characters, and side characters, (There was one or two acceptances to this, like a character who appears for 6 seconds in the back, who was the daughter of the director, or something) are supposed to be portrayed by British actors and actresses.

    So, yeah, I wouldn’t expect Naomi Watts to play in the Harry Potter Movies any time soon. Not that she’s not qualified, she’s a good actress, it’s just that I don’t think they’ll be breaking the tradition much.

  5. Ummm. Victoria Beckham? If she could act that is. Or Kate Winslet? Or no, wait. Elizabeth Hurley. The beauty deserves to be back on the radar. No Scratch that. I am going back to Kate Winslet.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if this casting eventually happens. These actors would do well in the rumored roles they were up for: Watts: Malfoy, Stuart Townsend: Bill Weasley and Joseph Fiennes: Tom Riddle Sr or Tom Riddle. Fiennes is especially intriguing since his brother plays Voldemort.

    With Bob Hoskins being promised a role – and JK forgetting she made the promise but saying he would get a role, Slughorn perhaps – Townsend and Fiennes seem like other logical Brits left to use in the series.

    The other interesting, but completely rumored casting at this point is that of Hugh Laurie. Recently Knighted, the star of House MD seems a lock for a role. What I have heard is that his name is being thrown around for new Minister of Magic Rufus Scrimgeour. I think Scrimgeour’s limp would either disqualify Laurie or make him a nice choice due to his portrayal of Gregory House with a limp.

    Wikipedia also mentions that Bill Nighy has expressed interest in appearing in a future Potter film, joking that he is “the only actor in England who hadn’t been in Harry Potter.” He is friends with director David Yates, who has expressed interest in casting him as Scrimgeour.

    I also think it would be pretty neat if they could swing Tony Blair to do a cameo in Half Blood Prince as the Prime Minister of England.

  7. I have no problem with the “Brits Only” rule for two reasons. One, it’s worked so far. Two, I’d hate to see one shot roles given to big name Hollywood stars. My expectations really are low enough that I would not be surprised if they tried throwing Brad Pitt into the movie just because they could. I’m glad they can’t. Picture the movies if Haley Joel Osment had been Harry for the past six years. You may think that sounds unlikely, but they’re only a year different in ages and when they were casting the roles for Sorcerer’s (Philosopher’s) Stone, Sixth Sense had just come out and his name was big. Think of the alternate reality I just painted for you and be glad that “Brits Only” exists.

  8. Rowling put in a “Brits Only” clause to the films??? I never knew that. That kind of annoys me. Where does she get off?!?

    Congrats Rodney… me being a HUGE Potter fan, i find any excuse to LOVE J.K., with her whole rags to riches story, etc… but, you have given me the first reason to NOT like her. LOL.

  9. I thought she was Australian too but it seems she was born in the UK and live there for a while, so she does fulfill the British criterion.

    It’s funny, because when I read that she was playing Narcissa I also thought she would be perfect. It’s too bad really – maybe one of the producers will see the rumours and think she’d be good as well. :)

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