Matt Damon gets a Star on the Walk of Fame

Matt Damon is pure entertainment. Off the top of my head I can honestly say that I cannot think of a SINGLE thing I have seen Damon in that I didn’t like. Frankly this is one guy who really deserves it. He is truly a star.

Not to say the other’s don’t deserve the recognition they have, but I really think Leonardo DiCaprio should have his name set in stone there too.

DailyStab has pics of Matt Damon with his own star on the walk of fame.

Who else ISN’T on the Walk of Fame that you think deserves the Honour?

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19 thoughts on “Matt Damon gets a Star on the Walk of Fame

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  2. Someone on that damn committee should pony up the 25 grand to get Eastwood a star. It’s fucking atrocious that he doesn’t have one, but at the same time, if anyone can just BUY one, then they aren’t very valuable, huh? That would be like if they put the Oscar statuettes on sale for us all to buy.

  3. I think he’s a good actor. Look at Courage Under Fire. The dude lost 40 pounds for the role – when you see the movie you can tell he was in a lot of pain. Just don’t look at Meg Ryan – damn she ruined the hell out of that movie.

  4. I dare you….wait I triple dog dare you Mr. John Campea to watch “The Talented Mr. Ripley” once again. This movie was an award winner in 99 and the only explanation I can think of is that some kind of Solar Flare made the Human Race retarded that year.

  5. I like Matt Damon, don’t love him, but perhaps that is his appeal. That he is just so damn likeable. I cannot think of an action franchise that I have had more fun watching than the Bourne movies. WIll be nice to see this latest.

  6. Yes I agree, Matt does deserve his star!
    He chooses his roles well and he always plays them well.

    I cannot believe Clint Eastwood doesn’t have a star yet!!!???
    And Seacrest gets one before him?
    Seacrest OUT! Damn!

  7. Ryan Seacrest received his star for TELEVISION which is unbelievable, it would have made a little (very little) more sense if he was given it for radio since before his American Idol crap he did the afternoon show on Star 98.7 here in Los Angeles, but to be given for television? anyway, stars on the walk of fame are usually bought, i remember a number of $10,000 from when a group was trying to get Rodney Bingenheimer his star on the walk of fame (compare what he did compared to Seacrest). In general a star on the walk of fame will almost always coincide with a film release, its more publicity than honor.

  8. Its aqbout time Matt gets his star! Yeah good for you! And Yeah I think Leonardo needs a star on the walk as well, if the Olsen twins could get one why in Hell didnt Leonardo get ne by now?

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