300 Will Feature Spiderman 3 Trailer

As if we needed even more reasons to go see 300, we catch wind of this little tidbit.

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As if the one minute of footage with “Heroes” and six minute clip on NBC.com next Monday isn’t enough, Sony Pictures will also debut the new trailer for Spider-Man 3 in theaters with 300 next Friday, March 9th!

So while the wait for 300 is finally drawing to a close, we start up the media machine for Spiderman 3. I didn’t need more incentive to go, but at least I will be prompt as to not miss the trailers and those extra commercials I paid for.

Almost makes it all worth the crap they feed us before the film huh? Now if they had released this trailer during the Oscars, it would have made it worth sitting through Ellen’s routine.

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14 thoughts on “300 Will Feature Spiderman 3 Trailer

  1. Saw the midnight showing of 300 – saw the new Spiderman 3 trailer with Venom. I wasn’t going to go see Spiderman 3 in theatres – but after seeing this clip, I might just have to go. I love Spiderman, I just hope the last movie can do him just justice…

  2. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend an advanced screening of 300, and there were no trailers or commecrcials. At the time, I thought that was pretty sweet. I’m second-guessing that conclusion now.

  3. Darren, there was a commercial for the new Sandra Bullock movie during every other break during the Oscars. To my knowledge there is no limitation to movies advertising during the breaks.

    How is this going to sway the voting? The studios buy the time, its not announced who buys what to the voting members. It cannot sway their vote.

    Furthermore, these trailers would be for movies NOT OUT yet. What is that going to do to the Oscar voting?

  4. like they really need to give me another reason to see this flick…you have my 9.00 in advance don’t tease me like this!! damn you, whats next another transformers trailer with a live action reinactment of megatron fighting optimus from the classic movie!!!!!

    i have to see 300!!! damn the suspense…damn you!


  5. Hey, do they show movie trailers when you go to IMAX? I’ve only seen nature documentaries and 3-D dino thing there. Seeing that Spidey 3 trailer on a huge-ass screen would be pretty bitchin’.

  6. john,

    i must say you seem to be going way out of your way to bash ellen. i actually was surprised and thought she was good.

    but anyways, 300 will be awsome, im catching the midnght showing for sure. and i hope with spidey trailer, they only show the one second clip of venom that we saw in the unfinished leaked trailer. i dont want to see any more of him until opening night, because im obviously already sold on the movie. i just want a small peek at venom.

  7. I am looking foward to 300, looking frward to the new Spidey trailer, Hopefully we’ll see a few more moments of Venom.

    In any case, when the 5/6 minute clip comes up I won’t watch it. I hate these practices; it spoils the movie for me in those five minutes; the only minor advantage is that when those five/six minutes are up on the screen, it’s time for the soda/popcorn refill. By the time one gets back, those five/six minutes will be done, nothing will be missed.

    As for why the trailer (or other film trailers, for that matter) did not play during the Oscars – it’s got something to do with MPAA rules and regulations that *no* film trailers can be shown during the Oscar telecast. This is because MPAS cannot be accused of ‘favoritism’ or something like that. Some studios have been known in the past to buy commerciial time during Barbra Walters, however.

    BTW, did you notice the lineup of presenters? Before Tobey and Kirsten there was Hugh Jackman; before Hugh Jackman, there was Robert Downey Jr. In that order…)

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