Elisha Cuthbert to Appear in Saw… I mean Captivity

In an effort to simulate Han Solo frozen in carbonite, Elisha Cuthbert signs on in a psychological thriller Captivity.
Slash Film says:

Roland Joffé’s film is a shameless SAW rip-off. Don’t believe me? Read the official synopsis:

“A man and a woman awaken to find themselves captured in a cellar. As their kidnapper drives them psychologically mad, the truth about their horrific abduction is revealed.”


I am a big fan of Elisha Cuthbert, and it looks like she so desperately wanted to be in Saw 6, but Roland Joffé signed her up first. I have seen some copycat movies in my time (got a meteor headed to earth in your script?) but this is just BAD.

Maybe the movie will be intelligent and turn out to be a real thinker, but I don’t know if I could sit through this movie without thinking its a total ripoff.

Click Here to see the poster.

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23 thoughts on “Elisha Cuthbert to Appear in Saw… I mean Captivity

  1. First: Kristina, I love you.

    Second: “The Quiet” sucked.

    Third: Elisha Cuthbert’s career is just about over. Let’s all take a moment of silence and thank God for small favors.


  2. wow….is it weird to get an erection after reading kristina’s post…lol (bad joke, sorry)

    if its like OLDBOY that would be kinda old. i think everyone should fuckin see OLDBOY and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance two of the greatest thrillers of all time….yea i said it.

    back to this flick cuthbert is very hot and i think she may unfortunatly beome a one-hit wonder. look good and not do anyhting with any substance. in 24 the dumb chick got caught in a fuckin cougar trap…come on!!

    if the movie takes the whole saw approach, i’ll still see it because i like the saw series. the first one was excellent in my opinion for the creative premise and villian (acting was terrible.) hopefully this will be a decent flick to see with my girl (like the number 23, great flick by the way.) or a blockbuster rental…


  3. As their kidnapper drives them psychologically mad, the truth about their horrific abduction is revealed.

    Is this going to be a real shocker like in Park Chan-Wok’s Old Boy, where the Dae-Su was kidnapped and kept for 15 years without knowing why he was abducted. Maybe they’re taking cues from Asian suspense movies now.

  4. That is a real shame – Ronald Joffe directed one of my favourite movies of all time (The Mission) and even picked up a couple of Oscar nominations so to see him reduced to this…

    If I remember correctly though, he did have a hand in the Super Mario Bros movie so perhaps the slump began a while ago.

  5. I dont want to see her naked.
    I know that sounds strange coming from a guy, but I dont.
    Listen, I would if we were about to do the hunka-chunka but let’s be real… that aint ever gonna happen. I like the fact that she will always remain a tease. Once you see the goods, the mystery is gone. Honestly, some of the allure is gone too because sometimes not seeing is better than seeing. She’s a fantasy. Sometimes fantasies are better when something is left unknown. Imagination is a wonderful thing.
    To me, a tight pair of boy-short panties and a tank-top is hotter than full frontal anyway. I look at it this way, a gift is always better if it’s wrapped. If someone hands you an unwrapped gift all you get is… “Oh cool. A quesadilla maker”, but if you get that same gift only it’s covered in shiny paper that says Happy Birthday all over it, you get the giddyness that comes with the anticipation, the wonderment that come with the unknown, the idea that it could be anything. That’s the best part to me.
    As to how this relates to Elisha, well… since I’m never gonna get to unwrap or use that present, I’d much rather look at a shiny box with a big ribbon on top than a box that says quesadilla maker on it.
    I dont know if any of that makes sense, but it works for me.

  6. I liked that Girl Next Door didn’t have nudity. As much as I wouldn’t mind seeing Cuthbert strutting around naked, it wasn’t necessary.

    The SAG seems to find Cuthbert a qualified actor worthy of nominations, and I don’t think she is a poor actor by any description. The Canadian production Lucky Girl was a very mature role for her barely after she finished Popular Mechanics for Kids (which I predicted her future hotness despite her being 12 at the time – no, that wasn’t me being a perv!)

  7. I’m sorry, Rod. This is more of a psyche thriiller than a horror film. There have been other films before Saw which have had simular plot(s).

    The REAL mystery- why is ROLAND JOFFE doing this? Remember when he directed dramas like “The Killing Fields” “City Of Joy” and “The Mission”? I invoke thoose names, because regardless of this is a rip off of Saw or not, it is still beneath him.

  8. Look, she’s not going to be naked, so what’s the point? She can’t act. Her bread and butter is her jugs and ass. Big deal, she’ll prob be in a wifebeater running around, but you can only tease a guy’s cock for so long before he gets bored. She’s a cocktease, and her career path shows it. Really, other than 24 and Girl Next Door, I haven’t seen her in anything good, and ANY hot chick could have done what she did in GND. They could have outdone her because they prob would have whipped out the tits. Look, I’m a girl, and I know that I wouldn’t be comfy doing a nude scene, but it annoys the hell outta me to see actresses take roles that involve getting naked but somehow weasel out of it. If you don’t wanna get naked, don’t take the role. Period. She was playing a PORN STAR, for Christ’s sake………..

    Anyways, this premise sounds stupid. All horror movies these days are stupid. Thank God for the 70s-80s stuff that I can watch when I actually want to be scared.

  9. I’d sit through a Saw movie to see Elisha Cuthbert, and I despise the Saw franchise. This movie wouldnt have to work very hard to improve upon the premise, because the Saw movies suck big time.

    Plus, you gotta give ’em props for a poster that features Elisha’s boobie pressed up against glass. drool…

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