Halle Berry in Tulia

halle2.jpgHally Berry has made a good chouce finally with a film, she will be playing a lawyer in the new true story film Tulia. The good people over at cinemablend.com give us this:

Halle Berry has signed on to portray an attorney for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund in the 1999 case of 46 people (of which 40 were African American) who were arrested despite the fact that no money, drugs or illegal weapons were found on any of the subjects

Tulia will be based on the nonfiction book “Tulia: Race, Cocaine and Corruption in a Small Texas Town.” Carl Franklin (Out of Time and High Crimes) may be directing although things are still being negotiating.

I know that Berry has been looked down on in recent years, she kind of went from being this really cute and well liked actress to being seen as a crazy woman. Funny how that should happen after she wins an Oscar. This could be the movie that puts her back on the right track. She’s playing a strong female character and the story sounds quite compelling.

The plot has the potential to be quite a good look at the American justice system and the areas that need attending to. Obviously this film is also going to be about racism, but I am hoping that it also deals with the fact that 46 people were arrested for a very serious crime without any proof.

I don’t mind Franklin as the director, although of all of his movies I liked the warm hearted One True Thing best (although that one had nothing to do with courtrooms or law). He seems to be able to get decent performances out of his actors and with Berry a good director definitely helps.

Of course it could be a disaster. Berry may not be able to pull off the lawyer vibe, the director might make everything too specific instead of hitting on the different aspects of the story. They could do something stupid that would cheapen the entire plot, like putting a back story of Berry falling in love with one of the inmates. Possible problems aside I am still very open to this film. The plot is good, and I really think this could add some gold to Halle Berry’s star.

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3 thoughts on “Halle Berry in Tulia

  1. meh….she hasn’t shown me anything that makes me think she’s a good actress. everything she’s been in, here role has been medicore at best. she was fantastic in the HBO film Introducing Dorothy Dandridge but everything else….not so much.

    i hope in this role she can prove that she’s more than a pretty face. as a black man i never understood why she was considered one of our premise movie stars. she was horrible in james bond and so-so in the x-men flicks, and the oscar fiasco, come on. can someone honestly say she derserved for monster’s ball. i pulling for her though….good luck

  2. While I think Halle has had made good films and cable films in the past -and I think I’m the only dude on the planet who thought she was fine (and *fine*) in the XMen films- this new part spells out one thing: “Coming for you, second Oscar”- Not a moment too soon, because in these last number of years, I think folks have forgotten that she is a really good actress.

    As for Carl Franklin, my fave film of his hands down is “One False Move”, and “Out Of Time” comes in a close second.

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