Why I Just Don’t Care About The Golden Globes

Whhheeee… the Golden Globe Awards are tonight! So obviously I’ll be sitting in front of my TV later to watch them right? Well… actually.. no I won’t be. Not even for a minute. To me, the Golden Globes are nothing. Actually they’re less than nothing. I have no idea why they are as “big” as they are, but they certainly shouldn’t be.

I didn’t always feel this way. I actually used to like the Golden Globes. But the more I watched them, and the more I learned and understood how they worked, I just lost more and more interest. Now my interest level in the “Second biggest Hollywood Awards” is less than zero. And there are 2 important reasons why.

1) The “Best Comedy or Musical” category. Ok, now I know this will seem a bit lame (and to be honest, I think it’s a bit lame too). I used to like the idea of a separate category… but what the hell do “Musicals” and “Comedies” have to do with each other??? Why not make another category and call it best “Snuff Films and Short Animated”. It make no freaking sense.

Also, and this is shallow of me I admit… but when Lost In Translation won the Award the other year for “Best Musical or Comedy” the Golden Globes completely turned me off. For those of you who have seen it, you know Lost in Translation was neither a comedy nor a musical. So what the hell??? My impression was they just wanted the biggest movies to get the biggest buzz to draw attention to themselves (The Golden Globes and their organization “The Hollywood Foreign Press”). Which leads us into…

2) The Hollywood Foreign Press is the organization that runs and votes for the Golden Globes. Who is the Hollywood Foreign Press? Well (and I’m really simplifying this) basically they’re film critics who live in L.A. and work for non-US media outlets. That’s it. And how many people are in the Hollywood Foreign Press that vote? 1000? Nope. 500? Nope. There are only 92 voting members. That’s it.

So basically, the Golden Globes are the awards given out by 92 film critics who don’t work for US companies. Whhhheeeeeee. Who the hell cares?

At least the Oscars are voted on by over 6500 people who all work in the movie industry. Writers, Directors, Animators, Actors, ect. ect. ect. With over 6500 people voting, any biases or unfair advantages of “who knows who” is limited because the base is so much larger (although it’s still a problem).

So to me, The Golden Globes are a huge non-issue. 92 film critics voting for their favorites movies. Who cares? Although I will admit in recent years the show itself is better to watch than the Oscars… but still.

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19 thoughts on “Why I Just Don’t Care About The Golden Globes

  1. hey… what about the money that goes to charity? is that truth?
    I really don’t care much about GG either…. (and much less about Oscar’s) but tbh the GG normally have a good selections of films… This year all the nominees are great! … although you are so right about ONLY 92 people selecting the winners?!?! that’s the number of votes that I expect to have when doing my first LaUchuva Film Festival!

  2. Professional??? Oh not again. Who the fuck ever said I was “proessional”??? This is NOT a news site. People forget that. This is my personal blog… no different than your blog or anyone else’s blog.

    I have no intention of being “professional” any more than anyone else with their personal blogs. Who on earth ever said I was even attempting to be “professional”? Who on earth ever said I SHOULD be professional?

    My blog. my thought. my opinions as they are. Take them or leave them.

    Let CHUD or ComingSoon or Variety be professional (that’s what they claim to be). That’s cool. But it’s not me.

    Saying I’m not “professional” is like telling me The Movie Blog is a horrible Football website. The Movie Blog isn’t trying to be a Football site.

    So keep saying “you’re not professional” all you want. I’m just going to keep nodding my head and saying “yeah… and what’s your point?”

    So Joe… yeah… what’s your point?

  3. John will moan and groan…

    But if “The Departed” wins anything, he will praise the Hollywood Foriegn Press.
    If it loses, he will rant, rant, rant.

    I’m watching the GG off and on, but to me, the Oscars are better viewing.

  4. What’s funny is that I like the GG’s for the same reason John hates them, they’re not taken seriously. They serve booze during the thing! It’s a chance to see everyone not on their best behaviour, and just being funny, silly, a chance to see some of their personality come out.

    It’s sure a hell of a lot better than watching some dorky film editors give a speech about how their parents bought them their first computer.

  5. Jack is back!!!!!!
    24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24
    24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24

    the following takes place from
    9:00 to 10:00 then 10:00 to 11:00
    tick tock tick tock tick tock


    I hate golden globe (not even capitolized!) I like Tom Liekis’
    golden globes awards….boobies that is.

  6. John’s right about the categories. A lot of the categories are just too specific. I mean when you have the category of,

    “Best Actor from a police drama that was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor”

    the categories are just too specific to mean anything if somebody wins.

  7. I agree, it has some major problems but the show is just too much damned fun. I’ll be checking in regularly and I’m more of an optimist. I’m hopeful that at some point, these stupid awards will make a good choice.

  8. Hey John. For once we agree.

    The only reason why the Globes are noticed is because they throw an expensive party. That simple. Bloggers and the more established media (well 50% or so of those groups) gobble it up though.


  9. i think the comedy/musical category makes sense john. most musicals are comedies anyway. and besides, how can you take a movie seriously when a character is held at gun-point and he then suddenly starts singing!

  10. I didn’t watch the four eps online. I wanted to wait and watch with friends. Man, when Jack took a chomp out of that guy’s neck, I fucking jumped out of my chair and cheered. No show on TV does that to me except this show. The only reason to watch the GG tonight is to watch Kiefer win his award. What a badass.

  11. Is it 92? I thought it was less, like around 70. I didn’t realize there were so many people involved. 92, WOW!!!
    Kristina’s right. There are definately better things to do tonight. Me? I’ve got laundry, and then, I’m gonna watch the new paint on my kitchen wall dry.
    I’d watch 24, but I’ve seen those first 4 eps already. A ‘friend’ (Mr Torrent) already got me copies. Let me tell you, it’s better than that piece-of-crap called Battlestar Galactica (just kidding John!).

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