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A few weeks ago I put up a trailer for the new movie 300. However, that was quickly pulled off the internet. Now however, the “official” 300 trailer is up an online over at quicktime! It’s almost as beautiful as the first one. Much of the same footage as the first 300 trailer, but just a little shorter.

Ok ok ok, I know I’ve said it like a thousand times already, but this movie is going to fricken RULE!

My favorite line from the trailer:

PERSIAN GENERAL: “1000 nations of the Persian Empire decend upon you! Our arrows will blot out the sun.”

SPARTAN WARRIOR: “Then we fill fight in the shade”.

Fricken DEADLY!!!!!!!!

You can see the new 300 trailer in beutiful quicktime here.

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63 thoughts on “300 Trailer

  1. Boys, Boys, Boys…

    Why all the hostility?

    Does the fact that Henrik or Alfie dont like the trailer really affect your enjoyment of it?
    Does the fact that Henrik doesnt appreciate the Lord of the Rings trilogy make it impossible for you to watch it the same way anymore?

    Henrik and Alfie usually have a negative reaction to most things.
    And that’s cool. I totally respect their opinions and I will not try to change those opinions ever again. It’s really a fruitless venture.

    My point is this…
    We are here to express our opinions of the trailer, not to try to convince others that their opinion are wrong.

    Alfie’s or Henrik’s negative opinion of the trailer in no way affects my how bad-ass I thought it was or how intense my desire is to see the movie. In the same way that no matter how bad-ass I think this trailer is I will never convince Alfie or Henrik to share my views.

    By the way, Henrik.
    I think that the fact that most people thought the remake of Dawn of the Dead was a really good movie and the fact that most people on this thread and around the internet in general were blown away by this trailer proves that Zach Snyder has some talent. And obviously the studio and producers have a lot of faith in Snyder’s talent if they’re willing to give him the reigns to the Watchmen… and I know what you’re gonna say “Yeah, what do studios and producers know about talent?”. But let’s not forget that it was a studio that had faith in Steven Spielberg to direct Jaws, it was a producer that had faith in Richard Donner to direct Superman, It was a studio and producer that had faith in Bryan Singer to direct the X-Men.
    Yeah… Studios and producers have made some bad choices too, but as far as Snyder is concerned, I think he is a good place to put your faith.
    And let’s also not forget that the two movies that James Cameron made before The Terminator were Xenogenesis and Pirhana: part 2…
    Two low budget horror movies… as you said, “Oh my god! What a challenge.”, and yet he blew almost everybody away with his next movie.
    But let me guess… you probably dont like The Terminator either.
    Boy… that sure would be a shock.

    See there. I went ahead and tried to change it anyway.
    I guess I just never learn.

  2. Henrik,

    If u thought lotr sucked, then so be it. As it is obvious u and i r both from different movie planets..but! let me hazzard a guess, u like ang lee and bbm was a piece of genius??!

  3. Well Mike, the lord of the rings sucked. So I guess a precedent has been set.

    Actually if ‘u’ would read my post I actually posed the question “Isn’t the director talentless??”. Now it’s up to you as the reader of the post to choose to reply or not, and if you do not think he is talentless then by all means explain why.

    However, if you’re basing his talent on the fact that studio’s gave him money then I don’t know… Studio’s give money to things they believe can give them a return on investment. They are not necessarily always looking for the most talented people to hand out money to. I guess his remake made money, and so he is building himself a career.

    As for me not being able to do better – who knows?

  4. i fucking loved dawn of the dead…I didn’t expect too but i did…I am disappointed that this is his follow up as I won’t be seeing it and I think the guy is a good director

  5. Henrik, u slag off Zach Snyder as being “talenless”. On what basis do u justify such comment??? Have u directed a movie, has studios trusted u with millions of dollars for a movie?? I mean how can make such off the cuff remark, when u yourself could do no better. People had doubts about Peter Jackson, when he was picked to be the director of LOTRS, and guess what? he only made a couple of horror movies b4 as well…..and the rest it is history.

  6. the acting looks so over the top….just fucking hammy….the effects look terrible….it really does look like a video game…I know people say that way too much when talking about bad effects but here they really do look like a video game….

    awful looking film…….plus i find period movies with contemporary music lame…..not that this film is striving for realism but it takes me out of straight away…I am sure the actual film will have a proper score but when that “awesome” alt rock kicks in the trailer resembled the trailer for resident evil 2….

    the effects..the dialogue and the acting….all look to be crap on every level….

  7. “I should pick up the graphic novel to see what all the fuss is about” – Jon

    That does it. This film is going to kick some major a$$. When you get folks seeing the trailer (or the movie) and it draws curiousity to the source material, the film can’t be all bad.

    However, someone mentioned dialog. It did seem a little choppy, but it also seemed to me not much was said in this early trailer, relying mostly on visuals and an epic feel.

    Gerald Butler looks better than he did as Attila The Hun, so I’m already in the theatre.
    Oh..one more thing.

    Yes, Frank Miller wrote RoboCop 2 and 3. Like them or leave them, int’nl friends, cowboy up. Frank Miller is the co-author of the source material, He didn’t write the script. In addition, that bit about him in the running to helm RoboCop 2 is incorrect. Consider this: maybe it was best that he didn’t!

  8. Just looked it up and turns out the Visual Effects supervisor is some dude named Chris Watts. Apparently the only other movie he has supervised is “The Fog” which I haven’t seen. Did it have awesome effects?

    The editor is William Hoy who’s actually pretty much an a-list jobber. This will be a real test though.

  9. But isn’t the director talentless? He remade a horror movie? Oh my god! What a challenge.

    This movie has the look of the texas chainsaw remake. That OVER-saturated MTV look, and judging from the trailer it’s going to have alot of bullshit camera tricks in the fighting. How tired are we of the constantly slowed-down THEN sped-up motions of fighting people? It looks gay. If you’re gonna show battles like this I much prefer the Braveheart approach. Keep it simple stupid. No cgi involved in the battles, have real people fight, and get a bad-ass editor who knows how to make it work without being confusing. This looks like it’s getting the b-treatment. Gerard Butler as the lead? Oh yes, that sounds awesome…

    It’s the lord of the rings with a sin city gimmick slapped onto it. Too bad it has no talent behind it.

  10. Sweet… Love how they put a few new sceans in this trailer, like the mad rino charging threw the troops and showed off more of the “paintings come to life” feel.

    I do agree with Alfie a little about the acting though. It is a little off. But I think the trailer editing jusy made it come out wrong. This just seems like a first full public trailer with little more then a bunch of cool visuals. Just ment to capture peoples eyes for now. Like how the new Star Wars trailers were at first.

    I’m sure we’ll see a full on story and acting focused trailer in a few months, before the release. For now we mainly just have eye candy to amke people talk about it alot, some amazing eye candy for sure…

  11. frank miller wrote the original script for robocop 2 …

    This film looks absolutely awful to me….the effects look bloody terrible and the acting looks to be wayyyy to over the top….


  12. Frank Miller is the director for me, I believe he once tried to direct robocop, but the studios did not like his vision. And what a vision that would have been..ED209 would have had a new one ripped out by robocop……

  13. This film does look SUPER macho. I need to read the graphic novel one more time But the trailer looks fucking sweet in high definition on my Apple cinema display. I am sorry Chisox it is not one of the best trailer of all times for me.

  14. Holy S–t!

    The first scene where the Spartans are pushing the Persians off the cliff!
    Good Lord this movie looks f–king phenominal.

    And the rhino charging, and the Spartans lining up behind their shields, and the warrior leaping towrds the Persians, and…
    Great Caesars Ghost! Everything I saw was fantastic.

  15. This trailer was pretty inspiring… Inspiring enough for me to hit the gym and hold nothing back!! BAAM!!

    The special effects look pretty damn amazing. I would love to see how they defeat the army. The tactics and the planning of an attack.

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