Around The Web – October 5th 2006

Here is some of the other movie news floating around the web that John didn’t feel like writing about but thought you might be interested in:

Hostel sequel officially titled “Hostel: Part II” Wow, how creative… but at least it’s better than “Live Free or Die Hostel”

Interview: Mike Clattenburg, writer/director Trailer Park Boys

David Yates Directing Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince? Rumor says: “I have been informed and confirmed that David Yates director of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has been asked to return for the next film and is expected to accept.”

Disney admit downloading doesn’t hurt sales Boy, I’m glad they figured that out AFTER I’VE BEEN SAYING THAT FOR ALMOST 2 BLOODY YEARS!!!!

Bollywood Embraces Online Movie Marketing

Halle Berry in “Class Act” “Berry will play Tierney Cahill, a teacher from Reno, Nev., who took a challenge from her sixth-grade students to run for Congress in the 2000 elections on the condition that they would help run her campaign. The single mother ultimately lost her bid to an incumbent, but she ended up winning 35% of the popular vote.”

America’s’s Largest Theater Chain, to Release New Climate Change Film “A new documentary film, ‘The Great Warming,’ examining world-wide issues of climate change and offering many real-world solutions, will be released nationwide through the Regal Cinema chain on Nov. 3, with an initial showing in the top 50 markets in the country, it was announced Oct 3 by producer Karen Coshof of Stonehaven Productions.”

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One thought on “Around The Web – October 5th 2006

  1. Perhaps calling it Hostel: Part II is a hint of the direction they’re taking, by which I mean that maybe HORROR WUNDERKIND Eli Roth is planning a Godfather: Part II style structure for his film.

    The new sequel-y story will run alongside sepia-toned prequel-y flashbacks. The continuing story will be about boobs, obviously, but also people being maimed, killed, etc. Also, gay jokes. The flashbacks will show how the torturing building that was not the Hostel of the title was established. In a metatextual twist, the inventor of said not-Hostel will be played by director and FUTURE OF GORE AND SHIT, Eli Roth. You may remember him from his role as ‘Faced!’ guy in Cabin Fever.

    I, for one, like this idea. It is the future of horror. Also, sequels. This will be the next Part II to win an Oscar, I’m sure.

    P.S. Sarcasm alert.

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