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  1. Hi guys, I just watched the movie and typed “crank gta” into Google and so I got here I see noone noticed one detail… I think there is a hint that it was really intentionally made after GTA. It is “Rockstar Energy Drink”, which appears in inventory sequence in the end, right after fire extinguisher and metal fist hardener (sorry for my english) which both were actually NOT used in the movie (unlike the game).

  2. Well, intriguing the numbers on rotten tomatoes said Crank was low by Critics 59% and users a 78% well still you were tempted, and also, but John could I please become a writer for your site, please. I saw you avoided the question. So please.

  3. Eric, that was me being HONEST. That I was TEMPTED. But I didn’t give in to that temptation. If I did… I wouldn’t have told you I was tempted by it.

    Ratings come from all over the place. Try Yahoo Movies, Rotten Tomatoes, Meta Critic. they all have the scores.

  4. Percents, wow that means a lot. So your review of “World Trade Center” I believe you said something around the lines of in order to come back to screening events you were tempted to lie about your opinion. If that is not being bought off then what the hell is.
    P.S: Where the hell are you getting your ratings? Also I got one more question is there anyway that I could become a writer for this site kind of like, Sharon, you, or Rodney.
    Thanks bunches but I gotta feed my cats,

  5. Ummm…. sure Eric. A movie that got a 83% critic rating and a 91% viewer rating. I think you should pull your head out of your ass moron.

    You don’t like it? Fine. But don’t start yapping off at people who don’t share your egotisical opinion. “Ooooo… I’m Eric… I know everything about movies. if you don’t agree with my opinion you’re dumb or bought off”

    But please keep posting… you’re entertaining me.

  6. Check up your ass and around the corner you might find some of Steven Spielberg’s semen. You know damn well you are and don’t deny it you corrupt Hollywood bastard. If you want to lie to the public and keep producing falsifying reviews just because you would like to stay in the spotlight then be my guest, but after a Routh for “The Descent” what the hell were you thinking?

  7. John I recently found out that you have been getting paid off to give movies good reviews so that you can stay in Hollywood. I was just wondering is this another one of those movies that paid you off you corrupt son-of-a-bi**h. I will no longer see any movie you say is any good after “The Descent” sucked as much as it did. It is also ironic that you relate every movie to wow 15 minutes into the movie. I will flat out tell you I did not see Crank because so many people that I disagree with on movies said it was “Awsome” if there are people out there that want to know about movies, Hi I am Eric I see all kinds of movies good, bad, and ugly, if you want to know about a movie email me (). I will tell you if I have seen the movie or not and I am just a college student so you know that I am not being bought off by Hollywood. Just remember (Clowns Are Your Friend).

  8. Hey Scott,

    Ummm… so by your reasoning… unless I gave Crank a bad review… then I’m “biased”? That makes no sense at all. Look around, everyone (in this thread anyway) liked it. Damn, I talked to the VP of Lucas Film… but that doesn’t stop me from saying The Phantom Menace was a bad flick.

    Give me a break. Do you have anything else to back up that “biased” accusation besides that fact that i talked to the people involved once? Anything at all???

  9. I can see why you bring in the biasness. Because iam beging to think you are even thou you say you are not. Well the only reasone (note havent seen this yet) i can currently seeing you giving this an 8 is becuase you just had a tak with the actor of it and the directors. Also for somone whoes says that they should be putting more time in to script and paying less attention to actors you sound like this guy should be getting $20 million dollors he is the next Aronld if you would

  10. Great Great film….best action film in a long long time.

    It has received pretyty good reviews too … I wonder why the studio had such little faith that they didn’t screen it for critics…..weird.

  11. My chick and I both laughed alot and I thought it was very grimey…sniffing cocaine on a dirty ass bathroom floor?!!?…he looked fuckin sick(I think Doug would call it ‘Wicked’)but knowing he had to do it to stay alive made it one of the wildest things i’ve seen on the screen in a long time. I can wait to see what the directors come up with next, they seemed to know exactly how to make the perfect action flick.

  12. This movie was great. One of the better popcorn flicks out there. Its not the greatest story ever told, but it is a really fun time at the movies if you like hard R comedy and action. The best thing was that it was SO over the top that I didn’t wish they did something more. It did more than I ever expected to see and it was all very fun to watch. 10 times better than the Transporter movies.

  13. I really liked this movie. I think I left the theater feeling more manly than in any movie before it. The testosterone was running high and my girlfriend and I celebrated our newfound manliness by drinking lots of booz and acting totally crazy. That’s what we wanted to do but it was Tuesday night and work called in the morning so we settled for coffee but regardless, this is an awesome rush. Recommended for sure.

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