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  1. I went to see this film tonight, and please dont get angry, i was not impressed at all!
    The whole film was based around 2 people and thats it! WHat about the people that worked in the building! I have the upmost respect for all the firefighters, police etc that went into the World Trade Centers, to risk their lives to save others!!
    I just feel they should have also concentrated on the people that worked in the buildings too and what they felt, what they had to go through.
    I also feel that the rating for this film should have not been a 12 (uk rating) as the kids would have been 7 when this tragic thing happened. I was in the cinema tonight with alot of kids laughing and joking around and to be honest not really paying much attention to it, they went to see “a film” they didnt go like all the rest of us to, just understand a bit more of what went on and what people had to go through. If it was my choice the rating would be a 15 at least!
    I think the actors and actresses were very professional though, doing this film must have been very hard and very emotional. they really did do their jobs very well!
    And im glad them 2 people are ok and back with their families.

  2. I finally saw it and was very happy and yet said at the same time I mean remembering what happened was somewhat painful but I enjoyed the film and am waiting to see United 93.

  3. Good review, but I think you’re way off on the comment about the flag waving. I saw none of that. I thought this it was a solid film and appreciated every moment of it. I had no intention of seeing this movie because, as you said, the events are still too fresh, but I am very glad I did see it.

  4. The Army wants true Americans to watch the movie World Trade Center.

    The Army hopes that the portrayal of the gung hoe, can do ex-marine in the movie will convince prospective recruits to idealize this super patriot to the point where they quit their job and enlist in the Marines so they can go fight in Iraq for 2 years to avenge the attacks of September the 11th like this Soldier did. Expectedly the overlying theme in this movie is about the personal suffering and sacrifice that too many Americans witnessed on that day in September.
    -We Will Never Forget-

  5. John, good review. You’re confident, well spoken and have “correct” opinions.

    2 things:

    1- I didn’t see the “Yay yay ra ra ra. We’re Americans and we’re so great” stuff you’re talking about. And if there was a fair amount of that in the film, that’s what that day was all about. Our country was one that day. We were strong and united. America and the people who were Americans deserved to be praised that horrible day. I know you said this weakness can be forgiven, but I just didn’t see it as a weakness in the first place (just my opinion though).

    2- “Have yet to see the definitive 9/11 film?” “Five years off!?” Have you seen United 93? It is the best film of the year, hands down. I only see a true 5/5 star film about once every 2 to 3 years. This was it. You HAVE to see United 93 if you haven’t already. It hits DVD shelves on Sept. 5. But with your, eh-hem, connections, I’m sure you can see it sooner. I will be buying this DVD on 9/5.

    You can read both my reviews of United 93 and WTC at my site if you care.



  6. I hope Stone comes back and does a JFK like look at 9/11 in 5-6 years. This is an important story to tell today, of modern day heroes, in a day when we have so few. But I think a movie about who was behind it and the search for truth is important too.

  7. I’m so conflicted about seeing this for the same reason I didn’t see United 93.

    In one hand you have a film by a great director and an amazing human tale. But on the other hand I am a New Yorker and though I live on long Island my Dad was working in the city that day only a few blocks away from ground zero. My sister was too young to really understand but my mom and I were just going crazy trying to reach him and I remember the calls of other family and friends calling trying to see if he was okay. He is still he and I probably take it for granted sometimes but still what happened that day changed me. If I watch this film I might be able to handle myself through the scenes with the officers but the point were I fear I may lose it is from the families point of view. Cause I was one of them waiting for a call sitting in front of a tv flipping every channel and seeing the same thing.

  8. Rafeal. No Go or Routh. No means dont see it. Go means see it. Routh means you have to see it. HAVE TO! Campea got the name from the rumour of Brandon Routh’s well endowdness I believed, haha. Good stuff.

  9. You all should check out the movie “Loose Change 2nd Edition”. It’s about the 9/11 controversy and the guys that made it have some very interesting details in it. You should all check it out.

  10. the only 9/11 I’ve ever seen was documentary called “9/11”. I like your review but I still don’t know if I’m going to see the movie just cause I still think it’s too soon. I hope you all understand.

  11. Hey. Good review. Have you seen United 93 at all? I don’t remember seeing a review. For me it’s the only movie that even approaches a 10/10 this year. It completely knocked me on my ass and deserves to sweep at the oscars. If you’ve seen it, how do you think it compares to WTC? I’ll give this one a rental sometime but the idea of an all-star cast led by cheesemeister Nicolas Cage really puts me off.

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