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  1. Hey John,

    Great review, i’ve heard nothing but great things about this movie all over the net, especially from AICN. I look forward to watching this movie after a tough stressful day at work, so it’ll help me unwind and forget about my fears such as claustorphobia and cave diving, not to mention gollum like creatures that eat people in the dark.
    In all seriousness great site, hope to chat sometime in the future for a guest review for our movie review site. . .

    Take care,


  2. All of the reviews for this movie were really good. This movie was pumped up to be some great horror. 15 minutes in really good and tense, sorry 15 minutes in and you could tell with ease that this movie was gonna be a cheezy horror movie that would disappoint you once again. I have seen some pretty bad movies: Hostel, The Grudge, High Tension (which I couldn’t even finish because it was so bad), and now one more to add to the horrible horror list, The Descent.

    Sry John I have to disagree with you this is defeniatly a “NO” and no where close to a “Routh”.

  3. Ahhh, thanks for the link there John, it explains so much!

    By the way I recently told my brother in law about your blog, as Im such a fan, and I knew he was right into blogging (he runs problogger and b5media) and it turns out that he told me that he has worked with you, and I just couldnt believe how much of a small world it is, even from Australia to Canada!

  4. You have reviewed this movie with a rating of either “No”, “Go” or “Roth”, and you have it a “Roth”. Now Im just wondering what this is, Ive been a long time vistor of you site, and I have never seen anything explaining what this means…. Maybe a joke or something I have missed, but some light shedding would be lovely… Anyone?

    By the way John, I just love this site, and vist it everyday, the movie buff inside of me, loves your reviews and new! Just thought Id say…

  5. i LOVED this movie. i got more of a rush from this movie than anything else i’ve seen in a while, and certainly more than anything i’ve seen this year. i will very likely see it again in the theatre.

    i didn’t think the opening was slow at all. i thought it was quite creepy, actually…

  6. I live in europe, but my town isn’t all that big so the movie theatre mostly only shows the “big” movies. I’ve seen the movie pop up all sort of places I go, but never really got to sit down and watch it. until somedays ago. totaly dark room, big screen, suround sound. man I was freaking shitting in my pants. I could just feel the room closing in on me. loved the movie, one of the scariest in a long time. can’t beleive i missed it for so long. just to bad i’ll never see the inside of a cave again.

  7. I didn´t like this movie, I was pumped after all the great reviews the movie got. I love how the film was shoot and the use of light and lack of light but the biggest problem was that I didn´t get a scare and that is the most importent thing when I watch a horror movie. I´m sure other people got afraid and jumped in there chair but I didn´t.

    And I started to laugh when I saw gollum in the movie to wich disturbed me but not in a good way.

  8. Cool review. I love this goddamn movie. If you want to see more of Neil Marshall’s stuff then you’ll probably be able to pick up a DVD of Dog Soldiers pretty easily. It’s along the lines of American Werewolf In London in that it’s pretty scary and fucking hilarious. It’s about a bunch of squaddies who run into a pack of werewolves in Scotland. Nowhere near as scary as The Descent but much funnier. My only problem with The Descent was the majority of the opening stuff. I didn’t really like any of the girls. They just weren’t very funny (they tried to be). That said, when they get in the cave the movie really picks up.

  9. SPOILER!!

    nice review john. I liked this movie but the first hour is kinda slow. I dont agree with the whole tension thing. At least not 15 minutes in. Takes about 50 minutes for the scary shit to kick in. I have seen both endings and the UK ending is the exact same thing. Only difference is after they cut it off in the US ending, they show the girl in the cave after that, looking at her little girl.

  10. Oh, I think I saw this movie in a DVD shop the other day but thought it must be a different movie from the one you’ve been raving about. Since it WAS apparently released here in Europe last year, it must be the same one. Gotta grab it and scare the hell out of some friends! :)

  11. why are you calling it caving diving?
    hopefully they don’t call it cave diving in the movie.

    cave ‘diving’ involves actual ‘diving’ like scuba equipment and water.
    and is still considered one of the top most dangerous activities.

    ‘caving’ or ‘spelunking’ is what i see happening in the trailer.
    aside from that, i can’t wait to see it.
    dog soldiers is one of my favorite films.
    thanks for the review.

  12. Nice little review, John. This is a great, great movie that can’t get enough praise.

    It’s been a long time since I was so nervous during a movie. I could NOT sit down during it. That part with the infrared camera had me fall out of my friggin’ seat.

    By the way, the opening wasn’t that bad if you look at the numbers of theatres it played in. Plus, it’s not really a big budget film so they’ll make some money in the States.

  13. I saw this movie already and I’m going to see it again. I thought it was really good. The parts where I was expecting something to jump out, nothing happened, but the parts that I wasn’t expecting a thing, something pops out of nowhere and jump in my seat. Since I saw the NA version, I was interested in finding out about the UK version too. On themoviespoiler.com, there’s a full description, almost, if not exactly scene by scene, of what happens in the movie. The author also includes both endings in the spoiler. From what I understand, the UK version just has an extra scene at the end (after the NA ending) that goes on to tie up the story of Sara. I would have liked to see it, but either way, the movie was excellent and I’m going to see it again this Friday.

  14. I’ll say clearly that the difference between American And UK endings does not change what you are talking about Wolf. But it is a big change nonetheless. I like the American Ending better, but full disclosure, I’ve only read about the UK ending. Thematically however, the American Ending hammers things home better than the UK in my opinion.

  15. I live in Europe so I caught this movie already. I thought it was good. I know we got a different ending to you. I didn’t like the ending all too much. I don’t know what the American ending was, but in the Europe ending, lets just say I didn’t like the choise the main character made concerning her ”friend”. Theres some good jumps and scares in this movie. But for me it was no where near the best movie of last year or this year. It’s better then POTC:DMC but not better then Superman Returns.

  16. This movie sounds great, an I have not heard a bad review yet on it. It’s unlikely that I’m going to get to see it in the theater, but will likely buy it on DVD once it gets released. I guess it was recently released on DVD in Europe and has an alternate ending or two that is suppose to be really cool, plus it added quite a bit of blood & guts that was cut from the theatrical release.

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