7 thoughts on “John Reviews Talladega Nights

  1. I agree with you on your review John. I too had high expectations and was let down a little. I still enjoyed the movie, but was hoping for more out right laughs.

  2. i actually thought the kids were hilarious, that first scene at the dinner table was one of the funniest sequences i have ever seen, and other then that they only had like 2 other scenes where they were the jokes.

  3. Can we keep the reviews in Windows Media or quicktime format cos I can’t view them from work. My work’s security system blocks out YouTube haha … please? :)

  4. funniest film of the year.
    my favorite film in general of the year by a mile….

    soon to be beaten by borat I am sure but definitely my favorite film of the year so far…..

    Loved it…

    favorite scene

    “I hope you have sons and they have their legs taken from them so you can live with that kind of pain”

    “dont you put that on us ricky bobby don’t you put that on us you are not paralysed”

    “I am too paralysed”

    fucking gold……

  5. hahaha. I loved this movie. I was looking forward to it very much, much like yourself. It didnt let me down too much. I laughed a good bit and I thought it was hilarious. But what you said about 40 Year Old Virgin. You are right. 40 Year old Virgin is a classic. But I mean its Will ferrel, what’d you expect? :P.

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