5 thoughts on “John Reviews 13 Tzameti

  1. Tzameti means 13 in Georgian. The director and cinematographer (and major cast of the film) are also Georgians working in France right now. I think they did a great job. The “game” sequence is just great. It may not turn out to be classic, but its a great movie of its time. This is a picture about the life and choices and its a great addition to the contemporary European cinematography.

  2. I think part of the problem with this film is to get anyone to see a black and white subtitled film, all the reviews, synopsis and trailers had to give away the films centre piece. So people are just waiting for the “Game” and the rest of the film becomes slightly pointless. If you didn’t know where the letter was going to lead him, the film would have more impact. That said even though I would rate it a little higher it’s not a classic.

    I thought the high contrast black and white works really well during some scenes especially when concentrating on the players and gamblers faces. B&W brings up every line in the faces and shows the emotion to more effect.

  3. Did you decide your Video reviews didn’t need to be copyrighted, or did YouTube change that statement…?

    Nice review, seemed to get around main points about the movie.

  4. Yeh i agree with you on most stuff, though for the whole edge of seat/gripping feel i would have rated it a bit higher. Definitely one to seek out if you have nothing better to watch :)

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