Around The Web – February 17th, 2006

Here are some of the other stories floating around the web today:

Former Disney Studio Head on Pixar and Disney Merger It’s interesting… he says Pixar now runs the show.

Official Basic Instinct 2 site Launched

Man Charged With Pirating Oscar Screener Of Walk The Line

Halle Berry had to write “I will not make ‘Catwoman II'” on a chalkboard four times Thursday in order to earn her pudding pot as Harvard’s Hasty Pudding woman of the year. Man, she just keeps on being a really good sport about that.

Goerge Lucas Honored At The White House Damn right!

Eddie Murphy Does Starship Dave You’d think that after Pluto Nash Murphy would have given up on the Sci-Fi comedies. Then again, you’d also think he’d given up on transexual hookers.

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2 thoughts on “Around The Web – February 17th, 2006

  1. Peter, you just gave me a wonderful idea! I got a better name for a space shuttle culled from Star Wars if they really wanna pay homage to George Lucas. Ready?

    Call it SKYWALKER.

    Ahhhhhh…I want to be on board that Skywalker. ;-)

  2. Actually, it would be nice that the NASA named a spaceship with a Star Wars name. They paid the homage to Star Trek with the Enterprise shuttle.

    Why not a Tantive ship? Or a Millenium Falcon satellite? It would be nice :P

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