Audio Edition – February 16th 2006

On this installment of the Audio Edition, Doug and I discuss the news sent from heaven itself as Arnold and Sly are getting ready to do a movie together at last, talk about the new Captain America movie… which I have zero enthusiasm for, the news from hell that Paris Hilton may be up for the lead role in a movie about the life of Mother Teresa, the Netflix screwing their customers over story and a few things more.

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6 thoughts on “Audio Edition – February 16th 2006

  1. About the Netflix thing. In the US, Blockbuster offers the same service with “unlimited” rentals a month, plus two free instore rentals while you’re waiting for your next movies to arrive. Recently they also added the option of going to one free instore rental a week instead of two a month.

    Love the podcast, btw.

  2. Doug, I can’t believe you identified Max von Sydow as “the bad guy in Strange Brew”. I know you’re Canadians and all, but still.

    And more sluts = better Audio Edition.

  3. There are several services in Canada just like NetFlix. The one I used was and it was great. The only reason I quit was to save the $20 bucks. Movies always came on a regular basis and they didn’t complain about the number of movies I ever watched.

  4. hey about net flix screwing there customers…you can join vongo…its sonys movie download site….check it out its 10 bucks a month….i got this email from them and its got a code for a free 14 day trial….its worth it…just do the trial and tell ppl about it…oh and it dosent work with ipods…

    To take advantage of the FREE 14 day trial, visit and download Vongo. Then, launch Vongo and click “register now”. In Step 3 of the registration process, you will be prompted to enter a promotion code. Please enter the code shown below and select “Vongo Membership” as your account type. In Step 7 you will see confirmation of your account type, including the 14 day free trial. You will, however, still need to provide your billing information in order for the trial to begin. Once you have completed the registration process, you can begin downloading all your favorite movies!


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