Robbie Williams biopic?

RobbieWilliams".jpg"So the big fanbase for Robbie Williams is mainly UK based, but there’s surely enough to warrant some discussion on this story from Digital Spy.

Paramount Pictures have apparently optioned the movie rights to Robbie Williams’ life.

Whilst in rehab in LA the singer found time to write a script chronicling his transition from boyband heart-throb to successful solo artist punctuated by a troubled period of rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle involving alcohol and drug addiction.

Robbie told “I started to write them as therapy while I was in Los Angeles, and a friend suggested I submit them. To my surprise they (Paramount) liked them and have optioned them, which is amazing.

“Would I like to act? No, not at all, but I like the idea of some of my work being up there on the big screen.”

Mmmm…I’m really trying not to be sceptical at this point. It’s that same feeling I started to get with the modern This is your life program (and now no one knows what I’m talking about!). This was a program where stars would be interviewed about their entire life, big stars, old stars, and slowly as it fought in the ratings battle it turned to younger and younger “stars”, people who hadn’t really had much of a life, people in their 20’s!

The similar feeling I get is when some recently released “star” writes (or usually co-writes) their autobiography. Geez, you’re in your 20’s, does that mean you’ll be doing a quadrilogy…or even more? Will I be buying the boxset biography when you’re 80?!

Anyway, he’s much too young for a film about his life. A movie about the rehab aspects perhaps, but not his life!

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4 thoughts on “Robbie Williams biopic?

  1. just another no talent celeb diva who is in love with their celeb status and thinks you should be too. (on a daily basis.)

    see also :

    danny bona douche.

  2. If I was Robbie I would not want all the shameful things I had done in my past to be dredged up in a movie. Imagine having to own up to being in “Take That”!

  3. I like Robbie but I am not a big fan, and I agree, why make a biopic about somebody who hasnt lived that long, or has done that much or extraordinary? No offense here Mr Williams, but this goes out to those other celebrities who wish to have their own biopics.

    I mean come on, this smacks into downright ridiculous. It’s the same with those celebrities who actually has sat down and mulled over their existence and then decides, I should write an autobiography. “I’ll tell the world how I have done this, and why I have done that”, and I am guessing that every celebrity we have now has got his own autobiography! For goodness sake! Not even the bigger stars have got their own books, but those who have only been in the business for like maybe less than 2 years already has some autobiography. Where do they get the ego, I do not know.


  4. Hmm, this is a bit of a toughie. Should there be a movie about a talentless, smug, arrogant prick who makes shit music, smirks like an idiot and has no discernible charm whatsoever? I’d rather see a biopic of my local roadsweeper.

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