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Mel Gibson has had success in diversity as very few in Hollywood ever had. From the religious themed “The Passion of the Christ“, which shut everyone up pretty damn good when they said it was a stupid idea taking in over $600 million worldwide, to Braveheart which netted him some Oscars, to the wacky action star of Mad Max and the LeaLethalthal Weapon series. Directing, writing and acting… Mel has succeeded in everything he’s done so far.

Apparently Mel Gibson is ready to make his return to writing and directing with his new project Apocalypto… and once again it’s a project he’s going to finance himself. The good folks over at TimeOut give us this:

Set in an ancient civilisation some 3,000 years ago, the film will apparently be full of action and violence, but will have no religious theme this time around. Aside from that, little is known of the project, apart from the fact that it will probably net the writer director a tidy sum of money. The reason being that, much like the lucrative deal he struck with Newmarket Films for ‘The Passion of the Christ’, Gibson will finance the project himself, with Disney distributing for a fee.

The ‘Braveheart’ director has already begun preproduction and scouted locations for ‘Apocalypto’, with a release planned for summer 2006.

I don’t know how that “release in summer of 2006” part can be true. They haven’t started shooting yet or even cast this thing and it’s going to be released in theatres in 1 year? I doubt it.

Aside from that, I think this is GREAT news. The project already sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun… and I don’t even really know anything about it yet other than “will apparently be full of action and violence”. Isn’t it sad that this is all I need to know to get excited about a film? :)

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8 thoughts on “Mel Gibson – Apocalypto

  1. Yes well i actually by the name of the movie APOCALYPTO that if we take

    the first letters is APOCALIPSYS and just like nadessi i think it’s going to be a movie about the Seven mayan prohecies, that prophecies tell us that it will be the end of the civilization as we know it.

    Not the end of the world but the end of all

    the things that rules us in our days, and that is the 21/12/2012 the end of the solstice and the new era of the humans beings into a 4 dimension.

    any question about it please contact me i had some links that will interested you thank you and if the movie is going to be about that.

    It will be a a big project with huge benefit for mel actualLy if i had money i will make an investment in that project..Remember every movie that it represents the end of the humans its a Hit in theaters

  2. this is pure speculation on my part but i suspect that mel’s new movie will focus on the mayan calendar end date of 2012. the mayans were an ancient, primative civilization yet they made remarkable advances in astrology & mathematics. they developed the most sophisticated calendar in the world accurately able to forecast the winter and summer solstice dates. their calendar has endured centuries and is the basis of our modern calendar. how they developed this knowledge however has been a great mystery.

    the calendar end date is 12/21/2012 and happens to fall on what would be the last winter solstice the calendar predicts. according to the prophecy, their will be a great unveiling on this date as planets in our solar system will be in alighnment with each other and with other galaxies unbeknownst to us.

  3. My bet, he’s a priest, caught in the middle….and when no one listens to him, he pulls out the interceptor, and everyone grabs a rusty bus and hits the highway.

  4. Those early reports saying the film is about ancient Greece 3000 years ago were apparently pure speculation.

    Reuter reports that the film takes place among the Mayas 500 years ago. |

    I wonder if the film will deal with the Spanish invasion or some war among the Maya peoples. If it does deal with the invasion from Europe, whose side will Gibson take? Being an ultra-right Christian (The Passion), he may side with the Spanish missionaries who intent to put an end to the “heathen culture”. However, being a national liberation-loving hero (Braveheart, Patriot), he may side with the natives who are being invaded and occupied.


  5. Either path Mr. Gibson takes, he’s already made quite the name for himself. Financially, he’s set. Popularity wise, well…”Passion” may have left him a tad bruised with the religious types. Either way, to a big Hollywood player, what’s more important? Money OR What some people think? hmmmm….better get Regis in here with that telephone…

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