Would You Watch A Video Edition?

Hey there Folks, John here.

As some of you may know, I have a small background in video production. I actually love working with video and haven’t had much time the last year or 2 to be involved with it.

With the popularity of “The Audio Edition” growning every month, an idea hit me. So Doug and I have been discussing the possibilities of doing “The Video Edition”. It would be much like The Audio Edition, except, you guessed it, it would be video.

So here’s my question. Would something like this interest you guys at all? Is it a good idea? A bad idea? Would you bother taking the time to download it to watch it? Let me know you’re thoughts.

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33 thoughts on “Would You Watch A Video Edition?

  1. I think this is the evolution of what you guys have been doing. Go for it! ;-)

    When’s the first video cast? I’ll book time off work, if it will be live, give us enough time, dont forget about the time differences!

    Cheers to TMB!

  2. (answering the question above)

    …Money! Lol.

    I see 2 options here…

    a)host it as a direct download, keeping the running time short.
    b)seed it with Bit Torrent, keep the original run time of 20-30 minutes.

    I suggest having the normal Audio Editions every week, then at the end of the month, having the Video Edition summarizing the month’s news and other things.

    John and Doug…You guys are awesome, I love you, keep up the good work!

  3. Sounds like a cool idea John. Who knows, it could even lead to an actual TV gig. Didn’t Siskel and Ebert start out on public access?

    I think “Vidcasting” or video blogging is already starting to catch on. We talked about doing this with our Space Junk radio show but I think it would definitely be a lot more work to produce. Potentially a lot more room for creativity in the show though… you guys would totally have to have skits and dress up in weird costumes.

    The only downside is that it’s not as portable, people can’t listen to a video broadcast while driving to work in their car or something. Well, maybe some can… ;)

  4. @scott

    Systm is cool and a very good example. John, you should check it out if you haven’t already for inspiration.

    I think it would be a great idea to do a video version of The Movie Blog. Perhaps this is where The Movie Blog should evolve towards — an online TV show, where the original blog version becomes an online support for the video version.

    There isn’t a video movie blog show that I’m aware of, and if you guys can produce it well (again, look to Systm, to see how this can be done on the cheap with professional results), it would set you guys FAR apart from the other movie gossip sites.

    Oh, and embrace bittorrent. It is the present and future of distribution for DIY video. Popular fan films are routinely distributed on it, as are originally produced shows like Systm.

  5. Now the sound of the audio-edition was getting better, you guys want to make a video-release. I am all for it, of course, but I hope the sound quality wil not deteriorate. Unless, you just do kissing segments! In that case I couldn’t care less about the crapy sound.

  6. I would.

    I think you have the best and most legitimate movie blog, plus you seem photogenic, and your blog postings are interesting, engaging and obviously cause clucks like me to post on a blog that normally I’d just bypass.

    After searching through for information on Spiderman 3 and the rumors surrounding the casting, villains and speculation as to who should play what role and why, I found your board to be most informative and definitely the most entertaining open-blog I’ve seen on the net regarding movies today.

    Please, do a video edition. I’d love to watch!

    -Jeff B / NYC

  7. Hey there folks.

    To answer some of your questions…

    1) Yes, it would be more than just us sitting there. We would probably use virtual sets, use graphics of poster and images, show trailers and do contests

    2) May have special guests if it takes off

    3) If Jennifer Garner and Natalie Imbruglia host the show, there will be a weekly 5 minute kissing segment.


  8. It could work if you guys presented stuff for the camera, other than for yourselves. For example, a DVD box for a new DVD release. A piece of interesting swag promoting an upcoming film you guys got. Etc. Basically, if you have nothing to show the viewer besides yourself, then what’s the point?

  9. I think this would open up a lot of new opportunities for the discussions. You could use video clips (depending on how legal it would be) or even just still images to go along with whatever you two are talking about. Or even better, pull a Wayne’s World and use a green screen to transport the two of you to crazy places, like Delaware.

    Even if the video edition was only a monthly thing, ie. do three audio editions and one video edition every month, it’d still be very cool to see. Maybe do a full hour? if you had all month to do it, it’d be possible.

    However you do it, I’m for it.

  10. I would absolutely watch a video edition. I take an hour ever week to catch up on new movie trailers, etc… so this would make a nice addition to that session.

    Side note – how would it be set up? Would it just be you two in front of a camera? Maybe you could try to have more guests on… make it almost like a talk-show of movies. (I picture it kind of like the Big Idea with Donnie Deutsch)

  11. I would download “The Video Edition” in a heart beat.

    However, I do suggest hosting it via Bit Torrent. BT will save you tons of money on your bandwidth.

    The usual John and Doug are essential. If you can, have some guest stars. (actors, directors, producers, other film critics, etc.)

    I love the Audio Edition, and I hope this idea gets put into place!

  12. Of course I will, you two are eye candies! ;-)

    Maybe next time ask Richard to join you guys like the way Jedis do it when theyre in the council? LOL

  13. Video edition!!! y stop there u sould have a Video-Game edition.

    U play as john and doug street fighter style and kick the crap out of each other. id dwnload it

  14. i listen to the AE while working, so don’t care about faces.

    Unless you are two beautiful women which from listening to the audio edition I don’t think you can be.

    So for that reason I don’t need to see two full grown men talk about films.

    Unless vanity is an issue darling?

  15. Hey John,

    Long time listener, first time poster…
    I agree; if the bandwidth is sufficient to
    allow an enjoyable video edition, then rock on!!!

    But as always, I enjoy the audio edition big time!!!

    Have a great day,


  16. like zibalatz said, I would love to watch the video as long as it was good enough quality. I would also definately take the time to download it

  17. Sounds interesting and I agree that bandwidth will be the main issue. Keeping that in mind though, I would rather hear a high-quality audio edition than watch a poor quality video edition…

    Also, maybe you should consider hiring some professional actors for the video edition, like, say, Jennifer Garner as John and Natalie Imbruglia as Doug? I’d watch that, for sure.

  18. Sounds like a great idea!

    Video blogging, or vlogging, is the next big revolution in my opinion.

    you could use ourmedia.org (archive.org actually does the hosting) for hosting too if you keep copy-written stuff out of it. (same for your audio edition too if you wanted)

    Check out http://freevlog.org/wordpress/ for info on how to set up and encode for the web.



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