I’d Hate To Take Tom Cruise’s Side, But…

Over the last month or so my respect level and enthusiasm for anything relating to Tom Cruise has dropped about 30 feet. The way he has conducted himself during this entire ridiculous publicity stunt… oh I’m sorry… I mean “relationship” with Katie Holmes and the media circus that follows it has been nothing short of a complete joke. And if it’s not a publicity stunt… then that’s even worse because it means Cruise really IS than much of a buffoon.

By now, most of you have heard about the incident that happened at the London premiere of War of the Worlds on Sunday. For those of you who have been under a rock, the USA Today gives us this:

Four mock journalists were arrested on suspicion of assault after Tom Cruise was squirted with water from a fake microphone at the London premiere of War of the Worlds Sunday. “That was incredibly rude,” Cruise tells fake reporter (left), “You’re a jerk.” A wet, red-faced Cruise, 42, launched his own war of words after he was drenched.

“Why would you do that? What’s so funny about that?” he calmly asked the prankster. “It’s ridiculous. Do you like making less of people?” When the man tried to walk away, Cruise grabbed his wrist and continued his reprimand: “Don’t run away. That’s incredibly rude. I’m here giving you an interview … and you do something nasty. … You’re a jerk.” Cruise quickly composed himself and continued with interviews and autographs. Britain’s Channel 4 confirmed Monday that the men work for an upcoming TV comedy show that last month squirted Sharon Osbourne. “The stunt was intended to be lighthearted rather than malicious,” the network said in a statement.

I’d hate to admit it… but Tom Cruise was TOTALLY right. This wasn’t some little practical joke being pulled on Tom with the assistance of some of his close friends on some random Saturday afternoon. The man is at the world premiere of his new big movie… he’s dressed to the nines… he’s surrounded by press and media… he’s nice enough to stop and give you an interview… and they soaked his face. Ha ha ha… oh that’s sooooo funny.

To me, it wasn’t funny. It was an assault on another person’s dignity (yes… Tom Cruise is still a person) and humiliating them in front of lots of media on an important day to them just so you can get a video clip for your stupid ass show. What a bunch of low lifes.

I have very little respect for Tom Cruise anymore… but even he deserved to be treated a little better than that.

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63 thoughts on “I’d Hate To Take Tom Cruise’s Side, But…

  1. i hate tom cruise soooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes an arrogant son of bitch!!!!!!! and i totally agree HE NEEDS A SENSE OF HUMOR!!!!!!!!!! and what the hell is it with this Katie holmes thing? they’re worse than beniffer!!!!!!!!!!! HEs soooooo over-rated and almost all of his movies suck!!!!! Well anyways, you get the picture I HATE HIM!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m sorry but if that guy had squirted me, i would have laughed so hard, instead of making myself look ridiculous trying to defend my pride because someone squirted water at me. People now a days need to get a sense of humer, because thats the only thing keeping this world together right now, so this is to tom cruise and everyone who thought the squirt incident was wrong, get that stick out of your butt or your going to have a long miserable life ahead of you.

  3. He laughed because an initial reaction of anger is not good. He knows that. Everyone should know this.

    He coulda played along with it, but why? To accomadate some prankster show that will probably get cancelled anytime soon anyway?

  4. Everyone is missing the point. Psych drugs were present in the blood of eight of the shooters in the last 13 homicide/suicides in the schools. That’s over 50%. Talk about irresponsibility, the school environment has to continually be made ever more dangerous so the psychiatrists and drugs companies don’t lose the billions of dollars that would be lost if these drugs were totally banned. And maybe Kurt Cobain would still be playing music if he weren’t hooked on Ritalin as a kid.

  5. I think Tom Cruise is a moron, he opened his mouth and stuck both feet in. Who is he to tell someone if they can take medication or not, and what gives him the right to say that there is no such thing as chemical imbalance, if anyone is imbalanced it is he.

  6. Hey Zeke

    I’ll put it the same way to you that I’ve put it to other people.

    If it was the biggest day of YOUR year… you were all decked out in your best duds… a major project that YOU’VE been working on for 18 months… YOU’RE surrounded by media…

    and then some Jack Ass strangers decides to douse you with water… not as a joke in good fun, but as a pathetic self serving stunt for their own fucking show… how would YOU have reacted?

    I’ll tell you how I would have reacted… security would have had to pull me off those Mother F&^$ers.

    If it was my best friend pullig a joke on me… then maybe I’d let it slide. These were just a couple of self serving leeches. If they did that to me on my biggest day of the year I would have taken their fucking heads off. No questions asked.

    Even though I don’t know you… I’d suggest that your reaction would have been closer to mine than to the way you seem to think Cruise should have reacted.

    And help me understand how the onus is on Cruise?!?! It was the bottom feeder low lives who were doing something wrong… not Cruise. Damn it… I hate this. I Hate Tom Cruise… and you people are making me defend him!!!! :P


  7. “I’d Hate To Take Tom Cruise’s Side, But…”

    this is a joke… not even… its a farce! everything’s how you take it pal. if gremlin tom hadn’t taken it so seriously then no it wouldnt be an “assault” on his “dignity”. if he had laughed out loud and played along the world media would have praised him for his sense of humour. but no… he had to act otherwise… ohhh and i bet those “low lives” (whom i applaud) KNEW that gremlin tom would have acted hostile… hence the practicle joke. the pesky little mite is SO PREDICTABLE

  8. Not a Cruise fan at all. And it’s been hammered to death already that he should understand that no one cares who he marries because we all thinks he’s gay so I won’t go there. But I, too, agree with Cruise vis a vis this incident – especially after having recently sat next to two paparazzi while at Kinko’s in New York where I spent my vacation and overheard their banter. What a sick group of guys. They have an enormous sense of entitlement. They hate these celebrities and it comes out in their vile, vile speech. And these guys are bitter, bitter, BITTER, miserable men. After that eye and ear opening experience I think Cruise should sue.

  9. Tom ‘LITTLE MAN’ Cruise is suffering from short man syndrome. He has made alot of bad choices. He has always come off as a little roach who always loves kissing ass. He’s a periennial ass kisser. It’s good to see him get his comeupance! It’s about time he got knocked off his high and mighty horse.

    Under a cloud of mystery, he all of a sudden broke up with Nicole Kidman, perhaps the most startling, beautiful, woman in the world. Under that cloud of suspicion makes us all believe that he is G-A-Y. Which is what I personally suspected all along.

    He had married that hot MILF Mimi Rogers before he latched onto Nicole’s hotness. But he didn’t have any kids. A chick that freaking hot and you don’t have any kids? Something is WRONG!
    Then with Nicole, same deal. She probably got tired of his brainwashed, Scientology bullcrap and went out to find a REAL MAN.

    Tom ‘LITTLE MAN’ Cruise is now with Katie Holmes who is about 5 inches taller than he is. Making him even smaller than he was with Nicole.



  10. John: “I thought Crusie handled it perfectly. Called the guy a jerk, said what he did was nasty and asked him why he did it. What would you have done?”

    I would have popped the guy. And I agree that he could have handled it much worse, but I think the best thing he could have done is to just ignore it and walk away. After all, if he did that then they would have had no footage, as it stands they’ve got about 2 minutes of Cruise basically giving them exactly what they want.

  11. The guy who squirted him is an idiot but I don’t pity Tom Cruise. Many a time in my life, I have had far worse pranks pulled on me by complete cowards and never had the luxury of them being arrested. If that happened to any normal person, nobody would be arrested, they would get away with it while you’re left feeling humiliated. Nobody laughed in Tom Cruise’s face after the incident, instead they took his side. Anyone else would be the center of laughter. I just can’t pity someone who has millions of fans to support him and millions of dollars to play with.

  12. Amy: *giggle*

    I want to stop commented on this post by stating one fact that seems to have been overlooked here: TC is a human being, and therefore is entitled – just like you and me – to become annoyed when asinine jokes are played on them. It’s a waste of time and energy to pull them, but when you do it so publicly, yeah, humans tend to get cranky. They are in their moment and here some fuckwad comes along and blows it for you. Are you telling me you wouldn’t have been thrown after that kind of prank – especially not seeing it coming or knowing right away why it happend? Of course you’re gonna want answers and you’re gonna want to make sure the person answers to you over it. Put yourself in his shoes for a second. I have watched countless celebs be openly rude to fake reporters on the MADTV show, so TC’s reaction, in comparision, is amazingly cool and controlled. Kudos to him.

    (Still doesn’t mean I like him, thought. He’s still on the same twat list Russell Crowe is. Rest assured, John, I haven’t softened on my loathing of all things Tommy Boy. *puking*)

  13. I am watching Tom Cruise on an Oprah Winfrey repeat. When I first saw this interview, I thought he was very sensitive and he must love this woman…then at the end of the interview, I found myself feeling as though he was out to try and live down some rumors about his preference,(if you know what I mean) after parading Katie out on the stage. I am a huge fan of Nicole Kidman. She is a fantastic actress and blossomed after her break up with Cruise. With that said, as a woman, I don’t know that I wouldn’t find him charming if he wanted to meet me. I know that sounds funny, but he is Tom Cruise. But since he will never know me, I can see him in a different light. I like Brooke Shields. Everyone has their right to take medication or not. It is not up to an actor to be educating the public about medicine. What ever happened to everyone being able to have a differing opinion about religion? It seems to me that Cruise has decided to start judging people, rather than “helping them” as he says he is known for. I agree the prank was childish and pathetic. I would have had a hard time keeping myself calm. However, he preaches that Scientology helps provide him strength. It obviously helps him. I think if he really believes everyone should be happy, he should allow everyone, including Brooke to do what makes THEM happy.
    I am in love too….but honestly, I cannot see myself making out like teenagers in public. I think he looks like he is acting. He has never been this way before. You mean to tell me that he wasn’t in love with Nicole or Penelope? I heard him say he wanted to meet Katie. He wanted to meet Nicole too. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just call up the people we want to meet too. I would love to call Julian McMahon and say…I want to get to know you!!! Anyway, I know this is long Snake..so I know ban Amy!!!

  14. Also in response to John Campea: When do we ever see Tom Cruise dress up for anything anyway. Wasn’t as if it ruined his outfit. I mean at the last premiere he wore an old grandad sweatshirt and even the reporters were like, see you’ve come dressed for the occasion!! That bloke probably thought he wouldn’t ruin his outfit because he hadn’t dressed up before!!!! Well not since his younger fitter days. What does Katie see in him. Perhaps he’ll be heartbroken for a change dwarfman!!!

  15. John mate,
    think about sharon osbournes reaction, i know he was controlled but the whole thing seemed like an act, i think if it was me and i had the cameras on me i would have laughed it off, and he gets paid copious amounts to take it in his stride
    your thoughts?

  16. Actually I am his bit therefore capable of my own opinions and a bit bewildered that you thinkk Jerry is so thick as to use 2 different names with the same context. Get a Grip and stick to the topic in hand . IE: Tom Cruise is a wet one!!!

  17. Hey Jerry.

    I’ve got to disagree. I think a lot of people think it’s ok to pull that kind of stuff because it’s Tom Cruise.

    But the fact of the matter is… if YOU or ME had just been working for 18 months on a major project… then the day came for the big unvieling… there was a huge party for it, and we showed up to celebrate all dressed up and in front of our friends and TONS of media, and then we were nice enough to go over to give someone a quick interview and the parasites sprayed me just so they could put something on their lame ass little TV show… I think you would be pissed off. I know I would. I’d want to take their fucking heads off. Remember, these weren’t friends or family pulling a little joke, it was some low life parasites who were just doing it for their own advantage so they could air the footage on their own show at your expense.

    Tom Cruise acted totally in controll (did dyou actually see the video?) He didn’t yell or scream or rant. He just asked the guy why he did that and called him a jerk for doing it. I think if you were honest… given the circumstances… you would have done much worse… I know I would have.


  18. Interesting when an individual feels the need to post their opinion and then post again and agree with themself? odd.

    i’d imagine if the administrator looks at the ip address of Jerry and friends it’ll be the same person. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Have an opinion, post about it, take critism(if any), but do try to be a litte bit smarter.

    oh, and i expect to get some childish post about my sexuality/heritage/skin type/lack of brains/etc. I’d be dissapointed if it wasn’t the case actually.

  19. I agree Pimple my dear he needs to chill! It was funny and he should have carried on laughing. It was only water!! He’s not as fit as he was 10 years ago he’s getting on a bit so he needs to keep all the fans he can!!

  20. All of this fuss over a little prank! I mean come on you guys what a load of SHIT, just because he is Tom Cruise and famous its big news and you can see in the video that at first he finds it funny but then he realises that this sort of thing doesn’t happen to Tom Cruise and he gets on his high horse.
    My message to the Hobbit is chill out!
    p.s If only it WAS acid, now that would be news worthy! Ha Ha

  21. I do appreciate the differences between what happened to crowe and cruise Lilly. However, in essence they were similar in that there intentions were to cause a little discomfort to the recipient. Neither intended to hurt, and I feel both should have been taken with that in mind. Toms reaction at the time was maybe understandable (I wouldnt have been that happy!)but I would have got over it, laughed it off and got on with it! But the over reaction since is stupid.

  22. Okay, only one person here mentioned the real crux of the situation: Tom was working at the time of the incident! Working. You know, like, where he was paid as part of his salary to be there, make nice and chat to people he resonably expected to be interested in the movie and his thoughts rather than punking him. As for David’s comment about Crowe’s reaction to SM’s ribbing, I don’t think it’s in the same class of joke. One involved words, the other a physical attack. (Yeah, I know a lot of you think water is harmless, and it is, when not being squirted directly into someone’s face and eyes.)

    As for Snake attacking me, all I have to say is he must hate my posts because they force him to develop his reading skills beyond the level of a five-year-old. Other than that, all I have to say to him is, “Where’s your blog at, Snake? Let’s see you post intelligent blog fodder in three sentences or less. Show me how it’s done. Put up or shut up. Please.”

  23. Think everyone needs to realise, regardless of whether it was funny or not (It did make me smile) at the end of the day it was a practical joke. To be arrested, held in custody over night, charged with assault and the threat of sueing, to me is somewhat OTT. Okay, maybe I wouldn’t have found it too funny if it was me, but hey I would get over it, and understand it was meant as a joke!! Steve Martin took a pop at Crowe at the oscars. Crowes face was picture and he hated it. Yet most people, including your good self Mr Campea, thought that Crowe lacked a sense of humour and should of took it how it was intended. However, I cant see much of a difference. Crowe was at the biggest night in Hollywood being watched by Billions, surrounded by his peers, and someone makes him look foolish!

  24. Hey Dom.

    I’ve gotta disagree. I think Crusie handled it VERY well. If it was me, on my BIGGEST day of the year, the world premiere of my new movie that I’ve been working on for 18 months… I’m all dressed up and have the press there… and I’m nice enough to go over to you to give you an interview and you humiliate me by spraying me… hell, I’m not just going to call you a jerk…I’m going to knock your head off!

    I thought Crusie handled it perfectly. Called the guy a jerk, said what he did was nasty and asked him why he did it. What would you have done?

    Just my two cents worth

  25. Dennis Pennis was funny. Plus you can’t get arrested for giving a celebrity a gentle ribbing. Those guys should have known that what they did could have been interpreted as ‘assault’.

    That said, I don’t think Cruise handled the situation very well. He could have just ignored the guy and moved on, instead the guys got arrested (whether that was Tom’s doing or not) and that looks bad. How many people are now thinking that he’s a big baby who can’t take a joke? How many fans has he lost by revealing his true persona?

    P.S. Who would win in a fight, water-squirt man or Shakey-Hands man?

  26. He survived an alien invasion, i think he can survive a little water.

    at least he didnt chuk a phone at the guy. I saw russel hand tom his cell phone but tom turned it down and use words instead of devil phones.

  27. T-Jax,

    My posts are never personal and i think the subject of violence is a far to serious chat to have via text(i grew up in south africa and know all to well what it means) my post above about your choice of movie was tongue in cheek(badly put i admit).

    If you read between the lines(look deep), i actually agree that what the guy squirting the water did was stupid. What i was trying to point out is that just because you are famous doesn’t exonerate you from general day to day pranks. Technically Cruise is “at work”, we play practical(funny and not funny) jokes at work as well. Most people take it on the chin, my point is why don’t the celebs have a laugh at the same time.

    Note: i think the guy who did it should be made to apologise, but i did have a wry smile on my face when i saw it on TV. Did you see the reaction of Sharon Osbourne when she was squirted? Run into the nearest restaurant, fill a bucket of water and chuck it on camera man. Now thats how to handle a practical joke.

  28. to Pablo:

    I was meaning that this time was only water, but it could have been worse. I was trying to make a reference to what happend to Leonardo Di Caprio. Stop blaming violent movies, violent games or rock music for anything and just watch the news, mate.

  29. lol.

    I remember that British guy, Dennis Pennis, who would walk on the red carpet and come with those clever questions and come-backs. It had the potential to make those big movie-stars look like regular fellows, people like you and me. And to a certain point, it helped the actors to come back with their feet on the ground. Most of them laughed, others like Kevin Costner told Dennis to find a real job. It was hilarious. Check this out

    This fake microphone prank is childish, is not working and thus not funny. And although I despise scientology midgets, I think he deserves better. After all, who can blame him for the tremendous success this man obviously has. And this has certainly nothing to do with the fact that he is open to people on the red carpet.

  30. I didn’t say it was funny(well i smirked slightly), what i did say is that IF you use the fans to boost your career then don’t get all excited when one of your fans uses YOU to boost their own.

    Oh, and we think he was doing interviews “for the fans”, now that is funny. As its been said in previous posts, fans=money, so the more Cruise chats, the more fans he gets, the more people watch his movies, the more he gets paid, simple. Maybe we should ask Mr Cruise for a couple of names of fans he has met, or even some of his friends that used to be fans? pleeeeeaase. How isolated are you to believe that he gives anything but a [email protected] about himself, how he is perceived and what he can get paid for his next movie.

    And relax in your slacks on the violence mate, nobody said anything about stabbing. Perhaps watching violent movies should not be a priority for yourself for a while.

  31. > Answer to first question:

    This is different from a candid camera moment on the street. It really was the wrong moment, when the man was giving interviews in front of all those people.

    And I find some candid camera moments to be over the line anyway.

    > Answer to the second:

    I haven’t seen the video, but maybe the initial smile and laugh might have come from surprise, not necessarily from finding it funny.

    > “they can’t take the good with the bad then they are in the wrong line of work

    Oh, and if next time someone throws an apple pie in his face at a premiere because he/she thinks it’s funny, or some psycho disguised as a reporter stabs him or cuts his face, he’ll have to take the good with the bad, wouldn’t he?

  32. Hmm, interesting points here.

    First question:
    How many of you have watched a candid camera style program and laughed and an unsuspecting random on the street? Why was that funny? Isn’t that individual a “person” as well.

    Second question:
    Cruise smiles and laughs when he is first squirted?(if he found it funny surely there is some humour in it?

    In short, not the funniest joke in the world(or even original), but to say that only good media should be allowed on film stars is pathetic. They use the media day in and out for their own use, if they can’t take the good with the bad then they are in the wrong line of work.

    BTW think his new movie looks fab, but when is he going to play somebody besides himself in a movie. anyone?

  33. I think the incident was an insult to Tom Cruise. While others may say “can’t he take a joke?” you have to look at the fact that Cruise is well-known for doing extended walkabouts at premieres – he gives up his time to speak to people (both fans and journalists). Not all stars do that, and lesser stars turn up and go straight in without acknowledging the people that keep them employed. This incident, although fairly trivial, may force Cruise to rethink his policy of being among the crowds – and that will be bad news for fans who stand the chance of getting to talk to him and honest journalists (if there are such things) who rely on getting the scoop in order to get paid.

    All-in-all, Cruise’s trust in the public was dealt a blow by that jerk and he was right to be upset by that.

  34. louis wrote
    he can’t even take a little joke.

    A joke is supposed to be funny. This wasn’t funny. It was at the wrong moment, it was disrespectful and humiliating.

    the poor guy gets a little water on his face and thats head line news, whiles another 50+ people get blown up in the US lead war against iraq.

    I agree that people dying and several other things should be headline news in the newspapers, on TV etc. However, this is a movie blog, and here people chat about more or less minor subjects regarding movies, stars and the entertainment industry.

  35. I posted on my blog about this yesterday and I am really annoyed that the media made it sound like he pulled a Russell Crowe on the guy. I was all ready to see a livid Tom Cruise when I saw the promo for the news report. Upon seeing the video I was very impressed with how calm he was, I don’t know if I could have been. I think he handled it well. He still creeps me out with the weirdness, but I have a lot of respect for how he handled it.

  36. what a big yanky wanky baby. he’s so far up himsself, that he can’t even take a little joke.

    the poor guy gets a little water on his face and thats head line news, whiles another 50+ people get blown up in the US lead war against iraq.

    what the #$%@ wrong with this world?
    who give a shit that Tom got something else a little wet.
    are people so low and board in their lives that they even care about this shit.

    come on, there is much bigger things happerning in this world than this crap.

  37. I also thought this was way out of line. Good on ya Tom.

    Oh and by the way, I have only been away for a while and some jerk thinks he can ban anybody from posting, not even John does that. Are you delusional or something whoever you are? Like who the hell is this Snake?

    Too many idiots in this world. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    Hiya Meli. ;-)

  38. I don’t particuarly care for Cruise, especially lately, but I have to say when I saw this story on the news I felt the pranksters were way over the line.

    Yes, I see where it is funny to squirt some unknowing victim with water, but this was not the time or place.

    Sure people can say that “oh, it was only water, get over it.” And for some situtations that would be fine, but Cruise is a huge star and bad things happen to famous people. How could anyone know from the beginning that it was only water? The pranksters were completely irresponsible and should get a serious slap on the hand.

    Hell – I like to laugh as much as the next person, but if that was me I wouldn’t have been as calm as Cruise. I would have likely shoved the guy for being such an a-hole.

    BTW Snake – SHUT UP. Leave Lily alone.

  39. I’m sorry but equating Di Caprio getting 12 stiches in his head to a gag microphone spraying water is, well, a bit of a stretch. Considering that I’ve read both articles on the matter I think from those I know enough to say that no the intention behind both incidents wasn’t similar. One doesn’t have to exaggerate Cruise’s circumstances to come to a “the journalists were vewy vewy bad” conclusion.

  40. snake wrote: (in a post that disappeared shortly after)
    ban lilly

    How ’bout banning snake? He’s mean to the others.

    I happen to like long posts. What’s with people and reading lately? Not enough time, not enough patience, or what?

    Regarding Tom Cruise, I am sick and tired of hearing news about him, but I must admit that this time he didn’t deserve that.

    Bob wrote:
    engaged to a girl who could be his daughter

    And Demi Moore is engaged to Ashton Kutchner. It’s exactly the same age difference. So what.

  41. I have been so amazed by tom cruise being so increadiby lame that I started a blog called Tom cruise is a big baby. The combination of a tantrum over water, engaged to a girl who could be his daughter, and his beleif in scientology, has lead to the inevitatle conclusion that he is developmentally challenged

  42. I agree that what happened is wrong and its even worse when ppl twist the story so it sounds like cruise was the a-hole, he responded in a totaly resonable way.

    i think lilly sould limit her posts to 3 sentences and we sould vote on it and possibly ban her

  43. Earlier this week when someone was reading this news story to me, he made it sound like Tom’s “Why did you do that”s were really loud and obnoxious, but when I actually saw the video he was calm and dare I say it ‘Slick’. He handled it vert well.

  44. In answer to your comment, Lilly, I believe they would have appeared to be bona fide journalists. They had official notice as such from Channel Four (one of the five main terrestrial channels in the UK, if you’re not familiar), and would have had the same clearance as any other TV crew.

    The question is: will anyone from Channel Four ever get near Tom Cruise again? Somehow I doubt it, and they deserve everything they get.

  45. Agreed. Those were my thoughts yesterday as I read about the incident. Not only that, but where was his security detail in all this mess? Why would anyone be allowed close enough to do that to him? What were his people thinking? Did these people actually have media credentials to be so close to him?? I doubt it. This assault is just as serious in intention as the one on Leo DiCaprio the other day. Yes, different weapons, but there were deliberate intentions behind both. And if you squirt a person just right, you can harm someone’s eye given enough force behind the spray. It was a completely irresponsible act.

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