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Despite all of the stupid antics Tom Cruise has been pulling the last few months, I’m still looking forward to War of the Worlds. How can I not be when it’s 1) Sci-Fi, and 2) has Steven Spielberg directing it? This thing has Awsomness written all over it.

Anyway, I finally came across an early review of the film from the good folks over at Dark Horizons… a source I actually trust as opposed to some others… and my excitement for the film has only grown! Here a quick look at what’s being said about the movie:

“It’s fantastic. Spielberg is back to the type of films we love him for. No cute teddy bears, or candy-munching aliens to be seen here. This film is an outstanding return to form. Aside from the special effects, which were as good as you could hope (more on them later) Spielberg has come up with some fantastic set-pieces including an almost silent game of hide and seek in a waterlogged basement.”

Sounds good to me! The few short glimpses of the visual effects I’ve seen have also blown my socks off. So let’s see… a solid cast, great source material and the world’s best director. Is there anyway this movie can miss? My expectations are high… and I think this flick will deliver.

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9 thoughts on “War of the Worlds Review

  1. This was a very mixed movie for me. The effects and ambiance of the movie were great, but the plot was dookie. The aliens looked retarted and the ending SUCKED #$@! If the aliens were smart enough to build giant tripods AND they had been monitering earth for years AND had been to earth before, then ya think they’d know it was poisonous! Also, Cruise made a buttface of himself in this movie, and Fanning was a prick too. The blood sprayers just seemed stupid instead of shocking. What was the point of that? 2 out of 5 for me.

  2. Ivan G., that movie’s been done already. It’s called Independence Day, and it sounds like any other dumb action flick.

    Honestly, the only thing that bothered me was [spoiler alert, stop reading if you care] that his son made it to boston alive. With all of the posters they showed of people looking for lost family members, they could’ve done it. But they played it safe and went for a happy ending. The way they stopped the aliens was true to the story (remember, it’s an adaption of a book) and makes a lot of sense. A big part of the story is that humans can’t stop the aliens. Destruction is inevitable, until nature stops them. It works.

  3. Again, this movie leaves many of my questions unanswered. Besides the great special effects, this movie could have been great if there was another theme addressed, or at least show that humans can have a sense of imagination, control, unification of minds ( or at least a few minds) to solve a problem….Come On! We are supposed to be fighting outer space creatures with amazing power of destruction. Who knows why the waited millions of years to come to exterminate us, they already had the machinery on earth. They have been √¢‚Ǩ≈ì watching us√¢‚Ǩ¬ù for who knows how long, but still were not acquainted of how we react or what a mirror was.

    I was hopping for that punch of imagination: the mad scientist that was hiding in the basement, that had all his underground computers network connected and generating data to analyze the Beast/half machines, whatever they where. Convincing Cruise to” stay and fight” which he ended up doing; leading the team, putting to use his “Leadership, intelligence, concentration, drive and machinery expertise “ Establishing contact with the US Center of Intelligence, letting them know that they are there to help and should lead the critical operation to test ways to kill the beast machines, find the weak points, rescuing the son that was eaten by the beast, taking with him the “explosives” etc, etc. etc.

    In other words, I was watching in my mind another movie, to fill up the holes mentioned, but still ending the movie showing that we can more together by working together; coming up with the chemical substance, or “digital virus” that that deactivates their machinery and kills the “intelligent” beasts. Showing during the movie the transition of Cruise from a father that did not care much about his family to the one who does, and who knows….maybe MOM and POP could get back together, because the other guy was cheating, or had and accident, was eaten by the beast, etc, etc. Any way, I was hopping Steven Spielberg would have shown a bit more of the new century technology, instead of just a few army man, some planes, guns. Giving Tom Cruise a better work out, as I would have for surely done……

  4. Outside of the special effects, this movie was BAD. Their were so many holes in the “plot”. At first I accepted them because I thought Steven Spielberg would tie up all the loose ends at the end. He failed to. I will second guess going to see his future films

  5. The problem is what this reviewer says at the end of his review:

    “Considering BATMAN BEGINS, SIN CITY, and EPISODE III have all been so good, we’re on track to have one of the most memorable geek summers ever.”

    Anyone that thinks Episode 3 was good should be banned from ever reviewing another film again outside of their fanboy community.

  6. I’ve always been a big fan of Tom Cruise. Love almost all of his movies. But due to his rants and antics regarding the scientology cult, I won’t see this movie.

    I will probably rent it when it comes out, but will go see Batman Begins and Cinderalla Man instead.

    Sorry TC. You should just keep your trap shut about anything but movies.

  7. That has certainly helped reassure me… There was talk of no press screenings being allowed before film hit which is always a frank admission by the studio that “our movie is shite” and Dark Horizons are surely above being ‘bought off as token positive buzz generators!?’

    So – am excited again but I always knew deep down that WOTW would deliver!!

    Did you see the KONG pic? Looking very cool too!

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