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EmpireSq.jpgI know it’s not strictly movies, and I wasn’t going to post anything about Empire Square on the Movie Blog just my own site. That was until I watched it, laughed out loud and on my own – always a good sign – and was surprised (in a bad way) when the DVD ended.

Here’s some extracts of the review courtesy of richardbrunton:Reviews:

Sick, insulting and degrading, but it’s funny, and a satirical slap in the face for the way we live and value our lives. Usually with a nice little morale to tie it all up, just not always the one you would expect. I loved it, laughed through it, and was genuinely upset when the DVD whirred and the last episode ended.

The writing is what carries this off, as you soon forget the cool gimmick of the computer animation and get caught up in the clever setups and deliveries. The situations the characters get into are bizzare, but often quite serious and real topics, and it’s how the writers handle the direction of each of the little stories. It’s the little sidetracks and side comments that really get you laughing, and despite the moments of sitting with a grimace, there’s still a smile on your face and a giggle.

Check out the Channel 4 site to see an episode and a trailer online. It’s a great little British answer to South Park, and manages to totally step out of it’s shadow and shine.

Little did I realise that you can actually influence the outcome of the show. By heading over to the Channel 4 site you can build your own areas and have the chance of them being picked and used in the next series.

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2 thoughts on “Richard reviews Empire Square DVD

  1. Oh yeah, I caught a couple of episodes when it was on TV, didn’t find it so great.

    I often find with these programmes, that they are much more enjoyable if you watch the whole series in a row, which I’ll try and do.

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