Pain Killer wraps and why we should support smaller productions

PainKiller.jpgMainly we talk about big movies and big productions, but it’s so refreshing to look at smaller productions. Mainly because they tend to be a lot more open about the process, and since the process is almost identical to that of larger movies, albeit everything is on a larger scale, it’s extremely insightful. These small productions also rely on word of mouth and people hearing about the movie, they rely on their script, filming techniques and fan base. These movies really are trying to create something that the audience wants, after all they can’t afford for people not to see it. If it’s not successful, neither are the creative team behind it, and if they aren’t successful they won’t make money to live off of, or make any more movies. Simple.

So when I posted the link for the online blog of the writer and actor for a small film Pain Killer we immediately showed up on their referrers list with one entry. You know what, we’re still at one. I’m not concerned about MB moving up that list, I just hope that what everyone has been doing has been copying the link and pasting. What I am concerned about is the lack of interest in a small production. It’s especially important since there are loads and loads of comments throughout this site complaining about and deriding the big budget movies. Well support the smaller productions and the non-Hollywood movies and perhaps they might get the message.

So with that, please do have a look (and I genuinely don’t care how you go there, just do) at the two blogs about this production that has just wrapped. John Fallon’s above, and the Director’s Christian Veil. Just to recap on what the movie is about:

Ex-undercover cop turned biker Rane, witnesses the brutal murder of his pregnant wife by his crew who have learned about his old policemen days. Shot through the head with a crossbow and dumped into a canal, Rane is believed to be dead… but he miraculously survives the ordeal. Upon his exit from the hospital, he arms himself to the teeth and goes on a drug fueled, psychotic rampage, all in the name of unapologetic retribution.

Keep an eye on these blogs, the movie is about to enter editing, so things will get interesting. I think it looks quite good fun, although harrowing and violent. This is how small, cult films get made, so get into it now and you’ll get so much more enjoyment when you actually see it.

Oh, and before I forget you really should check it out for one of the most convincing horror special effects I’ve seen. It is superb, although not for the squemish!

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One thought on “Pain Killer wraps and why we should support smaller productions

  1. I definately checked out the site and things looked pretty cool. As a film student just finishing my junior year I know how hard it is to get this kinda thing off the ground, let alone get attention. I wish the Pain Killer guys luck and if y’all are ever in Boston, drop me a line, I’d go shoot something with you guys anyday.

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