Shrek 3 adds Justin Timberlake

Put this one into the “whatever” file. I’m a HUGE hater of music stars who get big roles in films. However, I also think that any monkey can do a smaller supporting role or cameo… I also don’t mind music stars adding their voice to animated films. That why this story of Justin Timberlake getting a voice role in the upcoming Shrek 3 doesn’t really bother me… but at the same time it just kinda makes me roll my eyes a little bit.

The good folks over at Cinescape give us the following:

DreamWorks has signed Justin Timberlake to provide the voice of Artie, King Harold’s rebellious nephew for SHREK 3. The film will also feature the voices once again of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderas.

Meh… who cares? To be honest I like the Shrek films so much you could put in the voices of Charles Manson and Lucifer and I probably wouldn’t care.

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