Matthew Vaughn talks X-Men 3

MatthewVaughn.jpgMatthew Vaughn patiently went through the press on entrance to the Los Angeles premiere of Layer Cake – I can’t believe the amount of press these guys have to do and be so patient and repeat the same questions again and again, you can see it in Vaughn’s answers – and he answered a few questions regarding X-Men 3 and Stardust, but mainly he talks X-Men 3.

Courtesy of Comic Book Movie check out the video feed direct from IESB. Now be wary, that is direct and will start downloading and playiing immediately.

So what does he say? Well he doesn’t give away much, despite the male interviewer trying. He does say that it is looking likely for Angel and Juggernaught, but doesn’t give anything away on Vinnie Jones involvement, a plot based around Pheonix or much else for that matter. He does say he checks out the net for fans comments though, which is always good, hope he stops by the MovieBlog, and if you are there Mr Vaughn give us an interview please! August the 1st is the start date for filming.

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2 thoughts on “Matthew Vaughn talks X-Men 3

  1. Yes, the characterization in the first 2 movies was spot on, but the action was only competent. I want to see BIG action. These guys are the X-Men for crying out loud. I guess the budget had a role in reining in the FX for the previous 2 movies, but I hope the studio decides to loosen the purse strings a bit given that there is so much rich material for a few more sequels at the very least.

  2. Hi Matthew,

    1) Hold off on the Dark Phoenix arc. Set up some importan elements for that storyline in-between the main events in X3 and then deal with front and center in X4. I am assuming you might have signed on for two X films.

    As you said in an interview, the Dark Phoenix arc is a “mess”, which I assume you meant that it’s complex and all over the place. I agree and feel if it is dealt with in X3, everything might be too rushed.

    2) If Halle Berry gives you attitude, then just write Storm out of the script. We really don’t care to see her in X3 — she’s not that important, frankly, and there are already LOTS of other characters that need to be showcased.

    3) Similarly, there doesn’t seem to be much point in dealing with Nightcrawler, other than for a few scenes as a supporting character. His arc was handled well enough in X2, and, again, there are other characters which should be showcased next.

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