CIA Al Qaeda informant signs huge movie deal

Khadr.jpgHow quickly stories from the real world are ending up in development for the movies, just look at the recent story of the Fallujah battles for one, and the Iraq TV series story, it’s all happening very quickly and the line between reality and movies which was once so large is narrowing with every major event.

So it’s no surprise that we hear of the news today from Variety through Rope of Silicon that a recent CIA informant who was used to spy on prisoners in Guantanamo Bay and infiltrate Al Qaeda in Pakistan is now signing a massive movie deal with Newman Entertainment, according to Variety, worth:

…mid- to high-six figures.

Apparently Abdurahman Khadr’s father was killed in Pakistan while in Bin Laden’s inner circle, this means he was recruited into their organisation, but he grew disillusioned and ran from their training grounds only to be…

…captured by U.S. forces in Afghanistan and was recruited by the CIA as an informant at Guantanamo Bay, where he was placed among prisoners in an attempt to gain Al Qaeda secrets. He was later sent to Bosnia by the CIA to infiltrate Al Qaeda’s recruitment efforts and was due to be sent to Iraq before deciding to blow his cover

This could actually make for an interesting story, it does depend how much is fact based of course and there’s scope for handling it many number of ways. Yet there’s part of me that just isn’t morally sure of what is going on here. Is it right for him to be so rewarded, and when the intelligence community is so short of middle eastern informants, shouldn’t they try and keep the ones they have recruited?

I don’t know, all political issues aside there’s an interesting story to be told here, and I’m sure there’s also the right material for some none factual stories filled with action and intrigue!

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