14 thoughts on “New Batman Trailer at Superbowl

  1. Well, I’m not a lady, but I a QUEER, and I must say that doing it with Batman would be so much FUN! I like the whole mystery thing. But then again, Superman would prolly be a hot romance as well…I would have to take Batman because Bruce Wayne is rich and all.

  2. Right now, my expectations are so high for this one that if it’s not THE GREATEST FILM OF ALL TIME, I’ll be dissapointed. I mean, come on: a highly praised Goyer script, Chris Nolan directing, and one of the most awesome casts of the past decade, not to mention $130 million and a nipple-less Batsuit? This one’s gonna rule.

    Once again, I’ll be glued to the screen during the commercials and getting soda during the football.

  3. Jon B: I actually checked dictionary.com first before posting that, and apart from versatility, it also said versatileness, so I guess it is indeed the same? *winks*

    Okay, I am keeping score here:

    Superman- 1 (courtesy of miles)
    Batman- 1 (courtesy of B A T M A N)

    The ladies can join too as to who they would prefer dating between the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel. YAY!

  4. definitely batman. i’ve always pictured superman as a rather dull character who uses more braun than brains.

    one of the reasons why superman is the leader of the justice league is because he is a good pr spokesman.

  5. Brad, the name is Christian Bale, oh and he is Welsh. He was also in “Equilibrium”. Watch his movies pre-American Psycho, you’ll be amazed at his versatileness.

  6. Due I am so amped for this flick. It will be a great return of the dark knight -which is needed after the George Clooney, Arnold S. fodder-. Scott Baile (? spelling) is sweet. I loved his character in Reign of Fire -I don’t care what you say that movie was fun; lets jump out of helicopters and fly after dragons- and who can’t say they loved, loved loved American Pyscho -Hip to be Square-. This new Batman movie is definitly going to compete for one of the best comic book movies thus far.

  7. I only have one reason, and it’s Christian Bale! I’d love to see him in that suit!

    Speaking of Batman, I have had this recent discussion with some male friends and I asked them between Batman and Superman, who would they like to be the most and almost all of them replied they wanna be ‘Batman’ and its because of the kewl gadgets which they reckon will appeal to the ladies. *chuckling* I’d like to ask our boys here if they also feel the same.

  8. am i the only one who di dnot care for the first trailer?

    i just hated when the guy was like, “where are you?!?!” and then it got tense and he turned aorund and batman is hanging upsid edown and whispers, “i’m right here”

    i may be alone, but i thought that was pretty lame.

    that being said, i am excited about this movie because of 2 things, the first being christopher bale and the second being the new batmobile, which is awesome.

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