Screenwriter makes changes to Doom

Doom.jpgIt looks like famous last words when I said in another post that the people at Id were being really clever and holding onto the rights for the movie Doom so they could get the right deal and a proper adaptation.

Now, with news from Dark Horizons making me spurt my tea across the monitor, I find myself mocking my very own words and shaking my head slowly in despair.

Before I make a quote from their story, let me remind you of the story of Doom. A project in a science research lab on Mars goes terribly wrong and leaves a gateway open to Hell itself, a sole Space Marine is left alive and takes on the hoardes of fiendish creatures in the form of mutated Marines and those direct from Hell.

Okay, keep that in the fore front of your mind and read the following quote:

Screenwriter Dave Callahan claims “everyone was keen to keep the game’s atmosphere”, though there are some “minor” changes done to the film’s concept:

You can already tell can’t you?

The monsters have nothing to do with hell, the plot is not taking place on Mars and “space marines” are not well “space marines” as their outfits are more like SWAT team members.

The story follows eight marines, teleported into a command centre of a secret base on a remote planet. There, they learn that something strange is happening and soon monsters start to appear. The monsters aren’t from hell, but rather people mutated by some nasty super-virus although the monsters look very similar to those in the game.

What?! So Doom now just turns into Resident Evil Redux? Geez, so much for Id looking after their product, Callahan has effectively turned this totally away from what the original idea was all about. Wait though, there are a couple of similarities still.

There will be loads of shooting though, especially in the end where a large number of sequences will be shot purely in “first-person” perspective of the leading character (Karl Urban). The chainsaw and Bio Force Gun do appear in the film.

Well thank the lord for that. We can watch a replay of some of the original game but in modern day movie magic. Oh dear lord, did anybody on this project watch Resident Evil and see the returns? I don’t want to make harsh judgements, but already this looks bad. If it does work out well, it’ll just be another version of RE, and nothing much to do with Doom.

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