Baz Luhrmann’s Alexander project loses stars

BazLuhrmann.jpgBad news for Baz Luhrmann with the news that both Nicole Kidman and Leonardo DiCaprio are publicly saying they are off the project.

Coming Soon have the story from a MovieHole interview that DiCaprio was more interested in the Aviator film than The untitled Alexander the Great project from Luhrmann. Sometime ago ComingSoon also carried the story that Kidman had said no to it.

Interesting that both stars are still in the IMDB listing for the movie, although IMDB can be slow with their updates, they also tend to be quite accurate.

It’s a shame, it would really be interesting to see Luhrmann’s take on the Alexander story, and I’m sure it would favour more strongly with the critics than the recent version. ComingSoon quoted Luhrmann’s press representative as saying:

“Baz is currently in Europe working on the final draft of his script for ‘Alexander the Great’. When he completes that draft he will decide whether Alexander is the next film on his slate,”

So it could still be on, with or without the currently linked stars.

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One thought on “Baz Luhrmann’s Alexander project loses stars

  1. And I was also looking forward to that. Di Caprio as Alexander, and Kidman as Olympias.

    Really though, why would we still need another version if this Alexander film by Stone will be good enough?

    It’s not out in the UK yet so I can really say anything.

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