Colin Farrell’s Public Service Announcement

I like it when a celebrity kind of pokes fun at themselves or their image. It kinda shows me they’re at least a little bit still based in reality. William Shatner is the king at doing that kind of stuff (which I think has been the key to his reemergence).

Colin Farrell seems to be capable of the same thing. He just did a children’s public service announcement for the Jay Leno show. The IMDB revels:

In the clip, which was taped for comedian Jay Leno’s chat show, the Phone Booth says, “Kids, be sure you stay away from cigarettes, don’t drink alcohol and stay in school.” But things soon take a less wholesome turn when he adds, “Actually, I rather like cigarettes, so how about don’t drink alcohol and stay in school? Hmmm… All right, just stay in school!” Farrell ends the clip by taking a swig from a bottle of beer.

Oh man that cracks me up.

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5 thoughts on “Colin Farrell’s Public Service Announcement

  1. Colin Farrell would of been much funnier if he after he took a swig of the beer, took off his pants and started hopping around with his genitilia hanging out of the boxer shorts.

    Then if Colin Farrell started throwing up and defecating himself loudly and while doing that a guy in a diaper started beating him with a baseball bat.

    That would be funny.

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