Sean Connery retiring and Josiah’s Cannon news

connery_cannon.jpgJohn reported on September the 29th that Sir Sean Connery had pulled out of the movie Josiah’s Cannon. Today we have a small and unimportant Film News source called the BBC to tell us that very story, remember you really do hear it here at least fifth.

So nothing new there, but Bret Ratner is quoted from an interview in Empire magazine as saying:

“Sean dropped out and decided to retire, unless that was just a ploy to get out of the movie”

Retirement? I’m with John in his previous post when he elucidates about the prowess of Connery as an actor and we’ve also posted before about his alleged retirement. Sure he plays himself every time, but he’s a natural and brilliant actor and can make you believe in the part every time. He’s one of the true movie icons that we could compare against the likes of Cary Grant.

Still, Ratner goes on to say that he has ideas for a replacement:

“I would love Daniel Day Lewis to do it.”

Good idea? Bad idea? Well, consider the brief rundown of the plot and then make your comments:

The film remains a risky prospect for any actor with controversy likely to be provoked by a storyline which sees a Holocaust survivor orchestrate a heist to retrieve Nazi gold stored in a Swiss bank. “Do I have any qualms? No, I’m Jewish, and I love movies with Nazis in them, especially when they die,” enthuses Ratner. “It’s a great script, an amazing script, and it’s really about something. It’s not just a bank heist.”

It sounds a great script, and just reading that my mind is leaping to Marathon Man and thoughts of the Nazi Dentist. I love a blurb almost as much as a trailer! So, Mr Lewis anyone?

Update: Read on for more…

I just saw this as I was sent my weekly roundup email from the guys at Empire. Ratner goes on to say:

I’d love to do Josiah’s, I’d love to do Rush Hour 3 √¢‚Ǩ‚Äú whichever one comes in first. Rush Hour 3 seems to be coming together pretty fast. We all want to do it. We had fun together. Chris only works with me. He doesn’t work with anybody else, so I want to do it to keep his career going.√¢‚Ǩ¬ù

Put’s a different slant on the movie possibilities. Considering the leading man for Josiah’s has left and Rush Hour (oh sweet lord please no) has the acting talent signed up, I think it’s a safe bet which is next.

That is, unless Ratner plumps for the third option:

Breaking Vegas, with Kevin Spacey as an MIT professor who helps six students hit Vegas

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2 thoughts on “Sean Connery retiring and Josiah’s Cannon news

  1. is there anything daniel day lewis can’t do?

    i am even more excited about him the connery.

    sad that old sean is throwing in the towel, i would love to see one last hurrah from him.

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