Alexander is getting panned

alexanderposter3.jpgYou know I was wondering why everywhere I turned I was seeing another interview with another cast member, or another interview or story about Alexander (curious bisexual and axed gay scene posts included), it’s because it’s rubbish, and the critics are slating it something rotten. Just have a look at some of the comments gathered in the Guardian story today.

“not just a bad movie, but a bad movie of truly epic proportions”… “upstaged by his epically bad dye job”…”lacks dramatic flair and emotional involvement”…”This movie is going to tank,”

For those of you who don’t read much, well what the hell are you doing reading my long winded posts?! Also, those are the edited highlights of the worst comments. Oh yes, there is a good one, only good in that it isn’t rude or insulting about the movie or Farrell’s hair!

I wonder if the actors are bowing their heads in shame? Who has seen it, and have you got something good to say about it? Despite all these comments I think I’ll still want to see it, and not just for the appearance of John’s wife to be!

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6 thoughts on “Alexander is getting panned

  1. This movie was rubbish. I lasted 30 minutes.

    I couldnt keep a straight face listening to all the rediculous irish accents. I didnt realise there were so many Blond Irish in Ancient Greece. Funny how the ancient greek artwork never shows blond men with big hands.

    What were they thinking. It was like watching a movie of Danish Vikings played by Blacks with Jamaican accents and dreadlocks,

    Rubbish. Utter Rubbish

  2. I saw it Sat. night right after watching the SpongeBob movie. Talk about contrasts. Both were long, too long but atleast SpongeBob was coherent. Now, when I say that I don’t mean Alexander didn’t have a story arch, because it did, it just seemed like Oliver Stone enjoyed throwing random back and forward flashes in with little or no leadin. It was like “Ok, wait…yup, NOW!” Maybe a directors cut will solve a bit of that.

    Anyways, the battle scenes are worth the price of admission alone. Extremely graphic, chaotic and they get the blood pumping. My girlfriend ended up covering her eyes throughout most of the movie because of those scenes.

    I think Farrell did a good job playing Alexander but god was his hair bad. They did a decent job explaining Alexanders life, or atleast their conception of it however VERY little character development was done on anyone else and there are alot of characters. Eventually, I stopped remembering names and went based on characteristics except even THOSE changed throughout the movie.

    Also, while I’m all for gay marriage and everything else, the overdone “Oh, I love you my sword baring brother. I wish we could be together forever” scenes really started to get…old. Now, I realize it was just Oliver Stones version of a “love” scene but…then we had like a dozen of them in a three hour movie. Way too much.

    Also, it attempts to drill into your head the concept that Alexander was fighting for “peace, equality and the American…” erh, sorry about that, wrong movie. You get the point. It tries to pander to the wrong people in a few scenes.

    Anyways, I guess my biggest complaint with the movie is just its very skitzo, lacking focus on really anything. I’d still recommend it though, and I’ll probably pick it up on DVD but it won’t be in my fav. category like Gladiator or Braveheart.

  3. Stone’s filmmaking (and especially editing) style has become very shizophrenic, erratic, disorienting, and literally hard to watch over the past couple of movies he’s directed (watch Any Given Sunday). JFK was his high point as a director, but then his technique all went to shit starting with Natural Born Killers. He really needs to clock back on the shakey cam, abrupt editing, and harsh lighting techniques.

  4. It’s only slightly better than Troy.
    The only highlight of this comes near the end with the crazy color scheme that I believe Stone has used before. It lasts a few minutes, and those are the best minutes of this movie.
    Also, Rosario Dawson gets QUITE naked.

  5. I will see it despise what critics say, they have never decided for me and never will. Too much trash in the cinema to miss Alexander portrayed by Stone, no matter what.

  6. i was going to go see it tonight, unitl i read all those terrible reviews.

    so, i am going to go see Criminal instead, as everything else that is in looks like trash.

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