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Tale Of A Monster: Darshan Thoogudeepa And Renuka Swamy Murder Case

He played the righteous hero on screen but in real life, he turned out no less than a villain. A murderer, whom you would despise after hearing about the heinous murder of his fan he committed! Dear readers, today I am going to narrate the blood-curdling crime incident where the Sandalwood film industry’s one of the leading contemporary actors, Darshan Thoogudeepa, brutally tortured and murdered one of his fans named Renuka Swamy a month back. Hearing this incident, you will feel remorseful, your blood will boil with rage, and you will appeal for justice for the deceased poor man who became a victim of this cold-blooded murderous monster.

Murder Over Social Media Trolling – The True Story:

(Disclaimer: All details have been collected from various sources and are genuine)

It was June 9, 2024. At 9:40 A.M., a food delivery boy named Mannu was passing by the Sumanahalli bridge at Kamakshipalya, Bengaluru. While passing, he saw the mutilated corpse of a man lying beside the drain. The dead body was in a horrible condition. Mannu immediately informed the local police.

Darshan Thoogudeepa

The Hulk of Sandalwood, Hemanth Kumar also known by his stage name, Darshan Thoogudeepa

When the police arrived at the venue, they were shocked to see the condition of the corpse. It appeared as if someone had brutally tortured the man before killing him. The jaw was broken, ears ripped off, severe injury to the head and genitals, multiple fractures, and deep marks all over the body from vicious assault.

After post-mortem, it was revealed that the body was of a 33-year-old man named Renuka Swamy who lived 170 Kilometers away from Bengaluru in Chittradurga city. Renuka Swamy used to reside with his parents and five-month pregnant wife in Chittradurga and used to work in Appolo Pharmacy, a popular pharmacy brand. He was a pleasant and well-mannered guy. You may start wondering, what kind of enmity can this simple and hardworking guy form that the murderer had to kill him so viciously?

The police were tense as they had no evidence of this crime. But the very next day, June 10, 2024, three men Keshav Murthy, Karthik, and Ragavendra surrendered themselves at the Kamashipalya police station claiming they had committed this murder. This made the police suspicious. How can the murderers themselves surrender to such a heinous crime? When asked about the reason for the murder, they simply said that they had some financial tiffs with Renuka Swamy and he was not returning their money. That’s the reason they murdered him. This was indeed hard to believe if you ask me. And that too not one, but three men were surrendering at the same time!

Darshan Thoogudeepa and Pavithra Gowda

Right: Model-turned-actress Pavithra Gowda, Darshan Thoogudeepa’s girlfriend

Now, the police came to action and summoned these three men’s last two-day call records and locations. It was revealed that these three men were indeed at the crime spot at the time of the murder. But these three were also dialing a mobile number regularly from their respective phones. When the police summoned the details of that mysterious mobile number they were shocked. It was further revealed that at the time of the murder, the owner of that mobile number too was present along with these three. That mobile number belonged to Sandalwood’s superstar Darshan Thoogudeepa!

Check Out The Horrific Details Of Renuka Swamy’s Murder:

Actor and producer Hemanth Kumar, known by his stage name Darshan Thoogudeepa, is worshipped by his fans in the Kannada film industry. He has a tremendous fan base. No ordinary fan base, but a cult fan base! His fans are ready to die and even kill anybody for him! Standing 6 feet 3 inches tall with a well-built muscular physique, he is popular for his terrific machismo in his action movies.

Darshan Thoogudeepa family

Darshan Thoogudeepa with his wife and son

Renuka Swamy was just an ordinary person, who worked his daily job and returned home to his family. Then how come such a big celebrity was involved in his murder? Surprising, isn’t it?

In 2003, Darshan Thoogudeepa was accused of horribly beating up his wife, Vijaya Lakshmi. He had to face a physical violence case from Vijaya Lakshmi. As his relationship with his wife and son became distant, he started getting close to model Pavithra Gowda. Despite being married, Pavithra Gowda, who also had a daughter, went into an extra-marital relationship with Darshan. In fact, Pavithra was aspiring to become an actress at that time. So she thought Darshan would help her into the South film industry.

It was on January 24, 2024, that Pavithra made her 10-year relationship with Darshan official on her Instagram reel. As the reel became viral, Darshan’s fans became aware of the fact that he had cheated on his wife and started an extra-marital affair with Pavithra. Some of his fans became angry and placed the entire blame on Pavithra, telling her in comments that she was responsible for ruining the personal life of their superstar. They started placing obscene comments on her profile.

Darshan Thoogudeepa and Pavithra Gowda

Picture from Pavithra Gowda’s Instagram reel where she announced her relationship with Darshan Thoogudeepa

Among these Instagram commenters was Renuka Swamy. Renuka Swamy had created a fake Instagram account @reddy2205 and started posting abusive and obscene comments under Pavithra’s posts. After reading the comments, Pavithra used to instigate Darshan to take action against such abusive fans.

It was on May 28, 2024, that Pavithra received nude pictures in her Instagram inbox along with a vulgar voice note from @reddy2205. Upon being provoked by Pavithra, Darshan began his quest to track this fake account. He asked his security guard to create a fake Instagram account by the name of a girl and send a request to @reddy2205. Darshan’s security guard disguised as a girl began chatting with Renuka Swamy who in fact was handling the @reddy2205 account. While chatting, Renuka Swamy made the big mistake of revealing his real name and address to Darshan’s security guard thinking him to be a girl.

Darshan had a fan club in Chittradurga where Renuka Swamy lived. Darshan immediately called the fan club’s president Raghavendra and offered him a ransom of INR 30 Lakhs to kidnap and bring Renuka Swamy to Bengaluru. Raghavendra along with his two other associates went to Renuka Swamy’s residence and asked him to come with them to Bengaluru where they would make him meet Darshan. Renuka Swamy was a die-hard fan of Darshan and without thinking twice, he agreed to their request.

Last Visuals Of Renuka Swamy Before His Murder:

It was June 8, 2024. At 9:00 P.M., after taking leave from his pharmacy store, Renuka Swamy called his mother that he was going to Bengaluru for some work and that he would be coming home late. Telling this, he went with Raghavendra and his associates in a car to Bengaluru. But instead of driving him to Darshan’s residence, the three men took Renuka Swamy to a private family property of Darshan. They got him drunk, tied him up, and called Darshan to the venue.

Renuka Swamy

Image of Renuka Swamy who was tortured and murdered by Darshan Thoogudeepa and his henchmen on his private property. Pavithra Gowda was also present and involved in his murder

At around 3:30 A.M., Darshan arrived with his girlfriend Pavithra. CCTV footage reveals that Renuka Swamy was horrendously beaten up by Darshan and following that, by Pavithra and the three men till he became unconscious. After that, the monstrosity began. Each time Renuka Swamy used to become unconscious from a vicious assault, they would give him a high-voltage electric shock, wake him up, and continue the beating. This continued for several hours.

It was revealed in news reports that before killing Renuka Swamy, they made an apology video on his phone where he was seen apologizing to Pavithra. After making the video, they chopped off his tongue. Following this, they continued beating the poor man until he breathed his last.

After Renuka Swamy died, Darshan asked the three men to take the blame for this murder. He would offer them and their families a hefty amount if they confessed to this crime. These guys were hardcore fans of Darshan and were ready to do anything for his sake. They took the dead body of Renuka Swamy and dumped it in the drain of Kamakshipalya’s Sumanahalli bridge. The corpse was later discovered by the food delivery boy Mannu. The following day, these three men surrendered to the police.

Darshan Thoogudeepa's goons

The three goons of Darshan Thoogudeepa who surrendered for Renuka Swamy’s murder. From Left: Keshav Murthy, Karthik, and Raghavendra

Footage Of Darshan Thoogudeepa’s Arrest:

My Verdict To This Incident:

In total, seventeen people have been arrested in this case including Darshan Thoogudeepa, Pavithra Gowda, as well as the three men. Sixteen have been kept in Bengaluru’s Central Jail and Darshan has been kept in 14-day judicial custody.

Food delivery boy Mannu

The food delivery boy, Mannu who discovered Renuka Swamy’s mutilated corpse beside the drain of Bengaluru’s Sumanahalli bridge

I mean, what’s the world coming to! If someone abuses you using a fake profile on social media, the best you can do is just block that person or you can consider filing a police complaint. Let the cops take care of the abuser and arrest him. Who the hell are you to take the law into your own hands and brutally murder that person for such a petty crime?

There has been a hue and cry in Sandalwood where fans are protesting that their hero, their “so-called” God, Darshan Thoogudeepa should be released from judicial custody. I mean, what kind of sick mentality people are these? I am surprised! This monster has viciously murdered a man and you are asking for his release?

God forbid, if one of you happens to jokingly abuse him or his girlfriend on Instagram, who knows, you may become his next victim! This monster has tasted blood and he for sure will enjoy murdering people again if he is released. He will think that he can get away with any crime he does. He is indeed the “God” of foolish brainwashed people who address themselves as “fans” and plague the South Indian film industry. But not all, some people are protesting and demanding that this monster should be hanged till death for his gruesome crime.

Fans protesting

Image of some brainwashed fans who were protesting for the release of their “Proclaimed God”, superstar Darshan Thoogudeepa

A popular saying in India goes, “Kutta Jab Paltu Rehta Hain, Use Khoob Khilao. Aur Jab Woh Pagal Ho Jaaye, Use Goli Maar Do”. It means “When you have a pet dog, you feed it a lot. But when it goes mad, just shoot it.” I would suggest to the sick fans of Darshan Thoogudeepa to follow this quote. Just get over it! He may have been your God but now he is a murderer and he has confessed it too! So, you should stop worshipping him, stop appealing for his release, and instead let justice do its work.

If you don’t want to become the next Renuka Swamy at his hands, then I would advise that instead of supporting him, you appeal that this cold-blooded criminal should be sentenced to the harshest punishment ever. But sadly, in India, rich and influential people can commit whatever crimes they want and get away with that.

Sumanahalli bridge

The drain beside Bengaluru’s Sumanahalli bridge where Renuka Swamy’s corpse was discovered

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied! I fear that too may be the case with Renuka Swamy. His murderer, Darshan Thoogudeepa, would simply receive VIP treatment in jail, enjoy lavishly at the jail’s premises, and walk free showing his broad chest and bulging biceps. In a country like India, can we expect justice for an ordinary guy like Renuka Swamy and his family? I bet; we still have a long way to go!

To those protesting brainwashed fans of Darshan Thoogudeepa, you may start hating me after reading this post. But I really don’t care about it as I stand here for justice. I would advise those fans to take care of their own well-being first and then become someone’s fans. Darshan may be your “Proclaimed God” but you never know when that God may turn into a monster and start devouring you. Renuka Swamy was one among you. If Darshan can murder him for such a petty issue, one day he can murder you as well! If this monster gets away after committing such a heinous crime, rest assured, he will be motivated to continue this legacy.


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