Infernal Affairs now called The Departed

infernalaffairs4.jpgOh man… why must people mess with something that is already amazing!?!? Infernal Affairs is one of the best cop dramas I’ve seen in a long long time. And no, it’s NOT a Kung-Fu flick even though it’s Chinese. I got so pumped a few months back when we posted that Martin Scorsese was going to be helming a North American version of the film. I got even more pumped when I heard that the two leads would be Matt Damon and Leo Dicaprio. But after I saw it again recently, I’ve started to wonder.

The original is sooooo good. And it’s not like it’s old. Why re-make it? Just release the original in theaters here. Films like Hero, Life is Beautiful and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon have proved you have have box office success with a foreign sub-titled film if it’s high quality. Then came the fears that they would mess with the story… and it seems my fears were well founded – They’ve already changed the title to “The Departed”. Ummm… why? What else are they going to mess with? I’m worried folks. To quote Han Solo (and Curt Boldt) “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”.

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10 thoughts on “Infernal Affairs now called The Departed

  1. Man…I keep seeing the question about the title being inTernal instead of inFernal. Hello! That’s what makes this film great. It’s a Buddhist concept of “continuous hell” (or inFernal) about people doing evil things and no matter how hard they try to change they will forever burn alive. They are living a continous hell. Well to be more clever they named it Infernal Affair to tie it into the work place of those folks, internal affair unit. From the very beginning and very ending you see Buddha, correct? That is the main point of the whole story and I don’t even know if there’s an Irish equivalent to that. Only when you understand this simple Buddhist concept can you appreciate the quality of the film.

  2. i am piss becuz miramax din promote the film, they rather put the money on the punisher…. tiz movie is better than crouching tiger but still nobody knows it. hope tiz is not just another remake lik the ring that doesn’t ring a bell

  3. what the hell are the americans doing! dumbass americans cant think of anything original, stealing everyone’s ideas and then make millions with it! i say f*** them all, dumbasses (and that’s being polite!)

  4. It’s a good thing Hero finally got released or it would have been another victim of a Hollywood remake !

    The Departed movie title is uninspiring. Infernal Affairs rocks !

  5. they did release in america but noone went to see it thanks to miramax. They did not advertise the file at all. They put it in one theather. They will release the dvd with an asian chick on the cover!!!
    The sad part is that she is not even in the movie!! they are doing that so people would buy the film. WHat a sad society we live in where people have to advertise sex to injoy a good film that can do 100 times better on its own. Miramax is a disgrace.

  6. The first time i heard the title “Infernal Affairs” I thought it was some sort of super-natural cop film (which is not unheard of with a lot of contemporary chinese film).
    When I saw the film I, like most people, was blown away by it’s sophistication. I think that an american remake is stupid and pointless, but the changing the title makes sense to me if you are remaking the film. That being said, the title they came up with is pretty uninspired.

    Lets think about it for a bit though, the title is never reflection of a films quality…I can think of one film in particular with a pretty generic title that sold a few film tickets and has a bit of a fan base…That film is called “Star Wars”


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