One Big Kill Bill Movie May Get Released

Ok, just about everyone already knows that Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 were originally supposed to be one film. Well it looks like Quentin Tarantino is putting the pieces into place to re-release a singular Kill Bill film into theaters. Two words here folks… MONEY GRAB.

Look, I’ve got no problem film makers trying to get their hands on as much of our money as possible. It’s a business and this is how they make their livings. My problem here is is something totally different. I loved Kill Bill Vol. 1. I thought it was a masterpiece of film making. It was original, beautifully shot and had fantastic action sequences that left me wanting more. I couldn’t wait for Vol. 2 to come out… and then it did. I hated Vol. 2 almost as much as I loved Vol. 1. My only serenity comes from purging the existence of Vol. 2 out of my mind and pretending that Vol. 1 was all there was… and pretend in my little imaginary world that Vol. 2 still hasn’t been made yet. Ahhhh… it’s so mice in this magical imaginary place.

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8 thoughts on “One Big Kill Bill Movie May Get Released

  1. I loved both film, and look forward to seeing the two film on the screen together.

    Sure it’s a money grab, but so what?

    With all the crap that’s passing for cinema these days I would love to revisit this masterpiece once more.

  2. kill bill 2 is a better movie (in my opinion). kb1 does have much better fights but feels pretty shallow as a movie. i look forward to seeing the single movie. i agree about it being a money grab but don’t mind going to pay to see it again.

  3. i just watched Vol. 2 on sunday. and hafta say i agree with campea. altho i don’t know that i “hated” it, but it wasn’t full of the visual flourishes, exciting fight scenes that i had expected after loving Vol. 1. it was so talk-y and i got bored listening to the long-drawn out stories of Bill and some of the other characters. everything was so sloooooowed down. the fight with Elle was fun, tho. and by the way, i was sure we’d see the gruesome outcome of Sophie Fatale at the beginning… but nope.


  4. Can’t say I disagree with the “money grab” viewpoint.

    Already they’ve earned double what they would have by splitting one movie into two, and now they want to cash in yet again. I’m sure that a third release won’t get nearly the box office of the first two though.

    I remember a while back Tarantino mentioning in an interview something similar for milking the DVD side as well when he stated that there would be a I, II, and then a double set which would contain extras not available in the singles.

    I am really getting sick and tired of studios trying to get me to purchase the same movie two, if not three times.

    What it ends up doing is making me not buy a movie until 9-12 months have gone by, since I just know a “Special Edition” will eventually be forthcoming.


  5. I thought Vol 2 was the better of the two, personally. It was more quintessential Tarantino. Vol 1 was more action packed, and he did a great job on the fight sequences, but they didn’t have the classic Tarantino elements. The dialogue, the details, the atmospheric elements.

    I know this all-in-one release is just a way for the studio to see how many times they can get people to pay to see the same film. And after they release the all-in-one version to theaters, they’ll announce it on DVD, so some people will have seen the movie twice in theaters and own it twice on DVD. But I actually enjoyed the movie enough to see it twice in a theater. I don’t, however, see the point in owning it twice, so I’m waiting for the box set or director’s cut or whatever before I buy it. Until then, I’ll just borrow my friend’s copy.

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