Leonardo DiCaprio in Infernal Affairs?

infernalaffairs.jpgInfernal Affairs is the best non-martial arts asian film I think I’ve ever seen. Now it looks like DiCaprio is up for one of the two lead rolls in the American version of the film, with producer Brad Pitt considering the second. All joking aside, I actually think Leonardo would be great in this. He is a talented actor and seems to have the right “aura” about him for it (you’d have to see the origninal to understand what I mean).

Even as Scorsese’s reps are busily trying to negotiate the helmer’s deal to direct a remake of “Infernal Affairs” at Warner Bros., insiders say the director already has DiCaprio in mind for one of the two starring roles. Both leading roles give new meaning to the cliche “good cop/bad cop” Based on the original Chinese-lingo gangster pic of the same name (“Wu jian dao”), “Infernal” will be reset in Boston, amid tough Irish-American mobsters and cops who are their constant nemeses. Pic would be produced by Scorsese as well as Brad Grey, Jennifer Aniston (news) and Brad Pitt (news)’s Plan B shingle, with Pitt considering a starring role in the film, too.

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8 thoughts on “Leonardo DiCaprio in Infernal Affairs?

  1. Got to have cool actors in this awesome movie. Someone like Tom Cruise to play Andy Lau and Brad Pitt to play Tony Leung….I think that would be interesting.

  2. hey larrr, totally agree, need somone introvert and calm, leo is too expressive. spacey is also not right bcuz he is too brainy to be gangster cool. I would reckon Hugh Jackman becuz he is tough n got tat i luv u eyes lik tony leung. brad is the man and he can play any part n be great, leo… i dunno bout tiz guy, or a boy? anyway, tony’s character is difficult in any sense, no one can ever top his performance. agree people?

  3. It would be a complete mistake if they casted Leo as one of the main leads. Brad Pitt, however, would be a good fit for Andy Lau’s character. The key is to get two actors with the same “prowess” or “strength”, and not to mention stature. If you put Leo along side Brad Pit, you’ve got some weinie next to Tyler Derden or Achilles. Someone who would be good for Tony Leung’s Character would be someone like Kevin Spacey. Quiet, calm, yet internally very keen and powerful. He wouldn’t work with Brad Pitt though, so someone younger kinda like spacey would be good. But NOT LEO!

  4. Miramax has announced their releasing the first one into theaters this summer. Though given that it’s an Asian film and Miramax has a looooong history of screwing over their Asian properties your guess is as good as mine as to whether or not they’ll actually do it …

  5. dissapointing reallly to see that Hollywood is doing remakes and can’t think of an original story line!! at least release all three of the original infernal affairs in the states and uk first before doing remakes!!

  6. Monkey Peaches (www.monkeypeaches.com) is saying this is a done deal … Pitt as the gangster infiltrating the police, Leo as the cop infiltrating the gang, Scorsese producing and directing. Still not sold on that match up, but apparently Scorsese has been soliciting input from the producers of the original, which strikes me as a very good thing … and scroll down that page at MonkeyPeaches to see some SWEEEEEEEEEEEET one sheets for Kill Bill 2 …

  7. I think Leo would be okay in the Andy Lau role, but I’m not convinced he’s the best guy out there … Pitt’s definitely going to be one of the leads (he’s the one who lobbied the local boys to buy rights for the remake) and I could see him in either one. For the thing to work properly your two leads have to be about the same age and Leo looks a good bit younger than Brad … of the current crop I’d go with Brad Pitt and Ed Norton.

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