Fighting Screened…

Yup, believe it or not, I saw this. About a week ago even.

The Fighting Temptations opens in theatres later today across the nation, and this is what I want you to do… Do you live in the Bible Belt? Do you attend a Black Southern Gospel church with the high-flying, ranting and praising, Spirit shakers and such? Yeah? Then PLEASE go see this with a bunch of those people and tell me what it’s like.

I saw this movie with a bunch of white honky people who, as kids probably spent too much time listening to AC/DC and getting abused. So some of the “fun” was certainly missed. I’d imagine if this film was shown in the right place, you’ll have the energetic ones jumping outta their seats so “Da preacha’ll just keep preachin!!!”

Now on a regular note, the movie wasn’t much to write home about. The Characters are purposely overly eccentric and energetic and do a good job at it – in fact, there’s not too much wrong with the movie, save the fact that the premise is kinda old. I’d call “The Fighting Temptations” ‘Sister Act’ with a bit more “Pep”.

If you live in a white trash trailer park, you can probably skip this and continue downloading more of the weird porn you’ve got there. — If you like your hype brand of the ol’ Gospel choi-ah, or the grassroots era of the Bible Belt in all of it’s pew-hoppin glory, you just may get a kick out of it, praise Jesus.

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