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  1. i loved the toy story movies as a kid, and hopefully by them waiting so long to do a third, they have some really good ideas for it. if not, i will hate pixar for the rest of my life. (but its really hard to hate them when they make the best cgi movies ever) and the poster is most definitely a fake. and lets hope they put toy story to rest after this. cause eventually they will run out of ideas for toy story movies. there’s only so much you can do with a franchise, and hopefully they’ve realized that, and this will be the last toy story movie. I am finished with my ranting now. thank you for your time.

  2. i hope toy story 3 cold..
    but real talk one was enough in response to john’s statement..
    tha poster looks lame..
    but toy story 3 might a lil overboard, n i think they only makin a number 3 is because they runnin out of movie ideas..

  3. Tough this poster says nothing, I would also like to see a third TS. I like the first one better than the sequel, but is not like shrek and shrek two where the sequel was BS

  4. Looks pretty fake. :/

    I would like to say though I’d like a federal law forbidding movie posters of the lead characters standing back to back, arms folded, with “quirky” looks. It’s enough to make me run screaming.

  5. The characters look completely different in their facial expressions, and Buzz’s suit is much larger than the previous two films. This alone is enough to show that the “poster” is, indeed, fake. How this slipped by anyone is beyond me.

  6. I think some one is playing a joke. This cannot possibly a Theatrical Movie Poster for Toy Story 3 from Pixar. Pixar makes the best animation movies around. I doubt they would release a third rate movie poster unless they plan on making it straight to DVD.

  7. Looks fake.
    Biggest clue is the lack of “In 3D!” anywhere on the poster and that it looks like a franchised image from a book or something.

  8. It’s a Disney movie. Their poster characters always look like that.

    This looks more like a teaser poster you’d expect to see up on the wall at their studio than an official one. Especially if Ham’s the only other character on it.

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