Paramount plans more direct to DVD sequels

It looks like Paramount is going to start churning out more direct to DVD sequels, and some of the titles may surprise you. We get the skinny from our friends at cinematical:

Paramount Famous Prods. announced plans to raid the libraries of Paramount, Paramount Vantage, DreamWorks, MTV Films and Nickelodeon Movies in search of source material to sequelize, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Projects already in development include sequels to Mean Girls, Road Trip, The Naked Gun, Bad News Bears and Grease. First out of the gate will be Without a Paddle: Nature’s Calling, due out in early 2009.

Some of these films already have sequels, I guess they will just keep adding on the numbers or alternate titles. With all of the above projects – I am not sure how they can pull the films off without the original cast, nor do I see why you would want to try. With the Naked Gun film in particular, if Leslie Nielsen isn’t in the picture – I will yell “blasphemy” from the rooftops. On the other hand, if he is involved it would be the only direct to DVD film of the bunch that I would be interested in seeing.

International Friends, from the above list, which films (if any) do you look forward to?

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9 thoughts on “Paramount plans more direct to DVD sequels

  1. Come on now… Direct to DVD movies can be fun! Haven’t you guys ever seen “American Pie: Band Camp” or “The Naked Mile”??? Those were priceless works of art!!!

    Well ok… If Eugene Levy wasn’t tied to those projects, they’d probably have been released on VHS, but they had to pay the guy, so DVD it was…

    Seriously! Doesn’t Hollywood have better ways of making money, let alone movies? Are the North American public really that insane to have watched/bought (or think of it) ANY of these titles? It really is the apocalypse…

  2. I….liked Mean Girls, but if Tina Fey has zero to do with it, I’ll skip it. It’s possible to get a whole new crop of Mean Girls, but if that’s what it is it isn’t anything more than a in name only rehash.

    Naked Gun 4 1/4? I agree Doug. Without Leslie Neilsen even in a cameo it won’t be right. And it’s not like they’ll ask OJ Simpson back either.

    Grease- Grease 3? Remake of Grease? The Greased Lightning Chronicles? Grease Prequel? Story of The Beauty School Dropout? ? ?

    Bad News Bears – A HA. While the remake with Billy Bob wasn’t great, if one were to remake the sequels (like Breaking Training, Go To The Japan..) as direct to video fare I can “sort of” see it. Make them all G/PG for the young set and that’s fine.

    Without A Paddle- the first one should have been right to DVD, but still, I think this is in name only.


    Now, if Paramount wanted to go to the DTV sequel route and asked me?? Here’s my top five:

    1) Lemony Snickets’ A Series of Unfortunate Events 2 (aka “Lethal Verity Sky”)

    2) Drop Zone 2 [if WB can get Wesley to do Art Of War II…why not Paramount…?]

    3) D.A.R.Y.L. 2

    4) Days Of Thunder 2

    5) Aeon Flux 2

    and maybe another Spongebob film to boot.

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