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Hollywood & the Casino: Top 5 Crossovers

Few locations in the world do entertainment better than Hollywood and Las Vegas. In fact, both cities developed hand in hand. The Vegas Strip popped up in the 1970s, at which time powerful moguls from the West Coast looked eastward with casino-resorts in mind. MGM’s Kirk Kerkorian, for example, opened … [Read More]

Movies Shot At Mykonos

The location a movie is filmed has a great effect on the movie whether it is action, love, comedy, or Sci-fi. The location also can affect the hits a movie can have because people are attracted to the quality they see. Speaking of Mykonos Island in Greece, it has qualities … [Read More]

Top Four Best Casino Movies

Having been around and famous across the world for a long time now, gambling and casinos are not slowly becoming an integral part of cultures. Over the years, we’ve seen the world of gambling being explored and evolved through music, movies, books and many more. Gambling today has undergone a … [Read More]