Movies Shot At Mykonos


The location a movie is filmed has a great effect on the movie whether it is action, love, comedy, or Sci-fi. The location also can affect the hits a movie can have because people are attracted to the quality they see.

Speaking of Mykonos Island in Greece, it has qualities to make good pictures and movies because of its landscape comprising of the blue sky, white-painted buildings/ luxury hotel mykonos, and the beaches.

This reason has made producers pick up this site in Greece as a film site to date. Some of the movies shot at Mykonos are addressed briefly in this article as you read through.

Movies Shot On Mykonos

1. The Kings of Mykonos (2010)

This comedy movie is the latest to be shot on Mykonos till date. It is a film that speaks of Steve who inherits a Greek beach from an Uncle he doesn’t know. Having this knowledge, he is seen trying to claim the property where he runs into a lot of problems. Whilst the movie was filmed in different locations on the Island, the most popular part is the dancing galore scene in Little Venice. If you want to see this location, you can visit Mykonos this summer.

2. KAMAKI (2007)

This comedy movie speaks of a Sam who comes to Mykonos to work for the summer and gets into trouble. The origin of the movie’s name translates to harpoon in Greek. It is a feature comedy film written and directed by the O’Connor brothers.

3. Bourne Identity (2002)

Matt Damon takes up the major character of Jason Bourne in this action thriller shot in 2002. This particular movie was the first debut of the Jason Bourne Series and it was a great joy to the producers to host the final part of the debut on this picturesque Island. A brief tale speaks of Jason, a man having memory loss & fights to discover his true Identity in spite of a CIA conspiracy. The final part of this movie was filmed in Little Venice.

4. Shirley Valentine (1989)

This romantic-comedy classic is quite famous to date. It happened at Agios Ioannis Beach and Hippie Fish. The latter has been named by locals as the ‘Shirley Valentine Beach’. The reasons are because it is a place where the most revered scene is captured. Oscar-nominated actress Pauline Collins takes on the lead role of Shirley Valentine, a housewife that delves into self-discovery and ignites her love for life. Although some parts of the movie were in the UK while other scenes are on the Island.

5. The Greek Tycoon (1978)

Jacqueline Bisset and Anthony Quinn are on set in this one-time movie shot years ago. A love story that revolves between Theo Tomasis, a Greece Shipping Magnate and the wife of an assassinated US President.

The major scenes of the movie took place at Little Venice, a place known for romance because of the charming colored houses that seat close to the sea.

In conclusion, Mykonos in Greece is a source of inspiration for creative minds because of its idyllic sunsets, awesome beaches, and Cycladic architecture. It is thereby recommended for movie producers all around the world who are willing to make their scenes top-notch.

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