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Real Steel 2?

“Real Steel’, the sci-fi boxing film starring Hugh Jackman, is getting a sequel. That’s right. A sequel to film which hasn’t opened yet- not until next October.Deadline gives us the lowdown: Disney doesn’t release Real Steel until Oct. 7, but already DreamWorks is getting the machinery moving on a sequel … [Read More]

Tron 3 Greenlight Rumoured

While Disney is already planning a Tron animated TV series, it seems they are not done with it on the big screen just yet. Only edging out its budget it seemed doubtful they would invest in another chapter, but rumour has it that’s exactly what they are going to do. … [Read More]

Why Movie Downloads Suck

I’ve been talking about how great the new advances in movie download services are, but at the same time I’ve been curbing the enthusiasm with the fact that even though things are headed in the right direction, there are still problems with the system. Well, Gizmodo put up a post … [Read More]