Here’s What Streaming Sites Can Learn from Online Bingo Platforms


If streaming sites are heading to the doldrums, they could look to one of the ascendant online entertainment platforms for inspiration and education – the online bingo site. Online bingo sites are becoming increasingly popular across the UK, with millions of people now playing interactive live streaming bingo games on a regular basis.

Here are some things that film streaming companies could learn from these hugely successful digital platforms. 


Offer Genuine Multimedia Content

One area where online bingo sites have seen great success recently is in their cross-media content offerings. Instead of simply offering single-player bingo in the standard format, platforms have also branched out into the world of virtual bingo against an AI or bingo in real-time with a live caller. In addition, hybrid bingo games such as Slingo have become highly popular through merging the classic 75-ball bingo with conventional slot machines. The top sites now offer many different formats and themes of games in order to engage with a wider demographic range and remain competitive.

Streaming platforms like Netflix could follow this approach by pivoting towards more interactive multimedia content, as it previously did with the special feature of the popular show, Black Mirror. Clearly, audiences are receptive to more interactive modes of spectating, so the service would inevitably achieve more success in catering to this demand.

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Don’t Be Afraid of a Freebie

In the world of mass entertainment, the past decade has undoubtedly belonged to streaming sites. We’ve seen the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video go from bit players in the media industry to the biggest names in Hollywood, sweeping the Oscars and commandeering the biggest stars in the world for their homegrown productions.

However, that’s not to say that streaming sites are perfect entertainment products. Many paying users are getting fed up with their subscriptions, be it because of rising prices or an increasing dearth of content options.

Especially in a world where customers increasingly find themselves shelling out for multiple subscriptions to different platforms every month, it’s clear that the streaming giants could secure some goodwill with the occasional freebie.

This is something that online bingo sites already understand all too well. If you head to one of the most popular online bingo platforms in the world today, you’ll see that they offer a huge number of freebies to both new and existing customers, including up to £40 worth of free games and free daily bingo sessions.

If streaming platforms wish to be more competitive, they could go beyond the one-week free trial and try out something like this. 

Embrace Digital Events 

One thing that has kept online bingo platforms competitive within the entertainment industry is the social element. All of the content options at online bingo sites usually allow you to play with friends and to communicate with other players in a virtual room.

This is definitely something that movie and TV streaming platforms could learn from. One of the best things about TV and film is the fact that new releases can be memorable social events. By integrating more social features in streaming platforms, such releases can once again become social. 

As more film and TV streaming platforms continue to proliferate, only the very best will be able to grab enough audience share to survive. Perhaps they could learn these lessons from online bingo sites in order to get ahead. 

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