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Amazon Cancels “Silk: Spider-Society”

Web slinging fans, we’ve got some sticky news. Amazon’s highly anticipated live-action series “Silk: Spider-Society” has been shelved. That means Cindy Moon, aka Silk, won’t be gracing our screens anytime soon on Amazon Prime Video.¬†This news comes after Amazon’s recent upfront presentation, where they announced a new series called “Noir” starring Nicolas Cage. While “Noir” is another Marvel comic adaptation, it seems “Silk: Spider-Society” just didn’t make the cut.

So, what happened? Apparently, “Silk: Spider-Society” had a bit of a tangled web of development. The project was in the works for about five years, and even got a green light for two seasons at one point. But according to Deadline [1], the final decision to cancel the show came down to resource allocation.

Here’s the backstory:

  • 2019: Sony Pictures Television commissions a script based on the “Silk” comics by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos.
  • 2020: Sony starts talking to Amazon about a series based on the “Silk” comics, along with other potential Spider-Man spinoffs.
  • 2021: Amazon picks up the “Silk” series with Tom Spezialy as showrunner.
  • 2022: The whole “Spider-Man spinoff series” thing becomes official, with Angela Kang taking over as showrunner for “Silk.” Big names like Phil Lord, Chris Miller, and Amy Pascal are also attached as producers.

Things seemed to be swinging smoothly, but apparently, the script for “Silk” went through several rewrites. There are even rumors that Amazon requested a version of the show with less focus on Silk herself. This back-and-forth, along with Amazon needing to prioritize other projects, ultimately led to the show’s cancellation.

This is a bummer for fans who were excited to see Cindy Moon’s origin story come to life. Silk is a Korean-American superhero with spider-like abilities, and her adventures could have been a refreshing addition to the superhero TV landscape.

However, all is not lost for Silk! Since the rights to the character have reverted back to Sony Pictures Television, they’re looking to shop the series around to other networks. So, there’s still a chance we could see Silk spinning a web on a different streaming service in the future.

What is “Silk: Spider-Society” about?

Based on the comics, “Silk: Spider-Society” would have followed Cindy Moon as she escapes imprisonment and searches for her missing family. Along the way, she discovers her spider powers and becomes the superhero known as Silk. The series would have likely balanced action, adventure, and a personal journey of self-discovery.

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